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Which is more interesting, Dali or Lijiang? Which is more worth playing in Lijiang or Dali?

Now many people go out to travel, but our time is limited, so sometimes we can only go to one similar scenic spot. At this time, many people will ask: which is more interesting, Lijiang or Dali? Which is more worth playing?

In Lijiang, there is not only Dayan ancient town, but also ancient town, Baisha ancient town, etc. you can enjoy several ancient towns. There is a comparison and scenic spot to see. There is always an ancient town that you like.

Secondly, there are many scenic spots in Lijiang, such as sea horse riding and boating, Yulong Snow Mountain, Shangri La and Lugu Lake. It can be said that there are many scenic spots in Lijiang, and each scenic spot has its own unique places. Each scenic spot has its own ethnic minorities and ethnic customs. As shown in the picture, Yulong Snow Mountain.

I spend more time in Lijiang than in Dali. After all, Lijiang is rich in scenic spots, and some of them are far away from each other and need various means of transportation.

In Dali, the scenic spots are not as far away as Dali city. Most of them are in the urban area, and some of them have transportation. Compared with Lijiang, Dali's scenic spots are closer and more concentrated. The scenic spots of butterfly spring and three Temple pagodas are relatively close, and Cangshan Erhai Lake is not far away. Moreover, the transportation is convenient. Dali can be finished in a few days.

But personally, I prefer Dali. After all, Lijiang is too commercialized and has a lot of deception, which is not sincere. The Bai people in Dali feel more sincere, and their prices and consumption are more convenient than Lijiang.

In terms of personal feelings, it is biased towards Dali, but in terms of objective scenic spots, Lijiang is a little higher. I suggest that I go to Yunnan anyway. I'd like to go to both places and take the train for 2 or 3 hours. I am travel music music, welcome to pay attention to me, go traveling with me!