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How much is the ticket of Shenzhen east overseas Chinese town? Is joint ticketing implemented in ove

Shenzhen is a more suitable city for tourism. To visit Shenzhen, you must go to the eastern overseas Chinese town of Shenzhen. The eastern overseas Chinese town of Shenzhen is a large-scale and beautiful original ecological resort. It integrates the themes of leisure vacation, sightseeing tourism and outdoor sports, presenting a world of cultural communication between China and the West for tourists. Then, the eastern OCT of Shenzhen is a place of great scale and beautiful scenery How much is the ticket? Who can get a discount?

How much is the ticket of Shenzhen east overseas Chinese town

There are various types of tickets to choose from. Tourists can buy tickets according to their own preferences. Friends with student ID card, disability certificate and old-age certificate can bring relevant certificates and enjoy some preferential policies. In the whole resort, Daxia Valley and chaxigu theme park are the core areas, which are good places for leisure and vacation. ​​​​​​​

The price of the ticket is 250 yuan. The one-day tour of Daxia Valley and chaxi Valley is 200 yuan and 180 yuan respectively. You can take the forest train for free, and the two valleys can travel for 300 yuan. After entering the park, you can enjoy all the amusement facilities and train free of charge. The new Tianchan is 150 yuan. It is staged at the OCT Grand Theater in the east at 3:00 p.m., and the water park costs 60 yuan. If you buy it at the ticket window of the scenic spot, you can enjoy all the amusement facilities and take the train Tourists who buy full price tickets for one-day tour and two-day tour of Shuanggu can visit the water park for free.

As for the ticket price of the overseas Chinese town gate in Eastern Shenzhen as a reference, the specific ticket price is mainly based on the actual payment. The area of the whole resort is very large. If you want to have a deep visit, you can stay in it for one night and then play the next day.