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Why is Tianshan gate the most difficult scenic spot for girls? Recommendation of tianshanmen tourism

We should be familiar with Hunan, a big tourist province! After all, Zhangjiajie tourism in Hunan Province is quite famous in China. But today, Xiaobian is going to talk about the tourist attractions in Hunan Province. This natural scenic spot is very difficult for female friends. Although many people want to come, based on the characteristics of this scenic spot, some people have given up the idea of visiting here. Even if there are female friends, they dare not wear skirts. What is the matter?

Tianshanmen is located in Zhangjiajie City. The scenic area stretches 96 square kilometers. The highest point of the main peak is 1518.6 meters. The plant resources on the mountain are extremely rich, mainly primitive forests, so the local air is very good. Tianmen Mountain is very close to the railway station and bus station in the center of Zhangjiajie City. It takes ten minutes to walk. As soon as you get out of the station, you can see the cableway of Tianmen Mountain shuttling through the city center. The ticket price of Tianmen Mountain is 261 yuan, which is divided into line a and line B. line a takes a cableway to get on and off the bus, while line B goes up and down the ropeway. Xiaobian thinks that line B will be better and has a strong sense of experience. In fact, it's quite frightening to take the cableway to the downtown area. It takes too long and the hillside is too high. It's really easy to get weak legs.

Tianmen Mountain is indeed steep and beautiful. It's called eighteen curves along the way, from 200 meters to 1300 meters. In addition, there is the longest mountain sightseeing cableway in the world, with a total length of 7455 meters. There are three stations: upper, middle and lower. Taking the middle station as the dividing point, the whole ropeway is divided into two sections a and B. the first section is 5289 meters long, which is relatively gentle. The second section is 2166 meters long. Among them, a 500 meter long section is the steepest climbing angle in Asia, and the highest place is 1279 meters Height, this is undoubtedly an attempt for tourists to challenge their own courage. There are many brave tourists who are very excited when climbing the ropeway. When the box reaches the second section, they can't speak.

Tianmen Mountain is rich in vegetation. Some of the plants here are rare species, some of them are of great ornamental value, and some of them have a significant impact on the ecology. Because there are many plants on the mountain, the negative ions in the air are high. Such air is good for human health. Climbing mountains here to see the beautiful scenery, not only exercise the body, but also increase insight. The most impressive is the glass plank road and ghost Valley plank road on the cliff edge of the mountain top. Fortunately, there are sightseeing cable cars here, which are only for those timid tourists.

It has to be said that it's really inconvenient for women wearing skirts to come here. It's because the altitude of the mountain is too high, so it's easy to walk out in the process of climbing. Moreover, there are insects on the mountain, which are easy to bite the exposed skin. Moreover, many items here are quite dangerous, so it's safer to wear more. Come here can exercise your courage, ordinary people walk on such plank road also only have the nerve, hold one's breath to move. It's very close to Zhangjiajie scenic area. If you have friends here, you can go to the glass plank road near Zhangjiajie to challenge your courage and kill two birds with one stone! Have you ever been to this place?