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What month is the Zhongyuan Festival? What are the taboos of the Zhongyuan Festival

China is one of the four ancient civilizations in the world. It has 5000 years of Chinese civilization and has inherited many customs and festivals since ancient times. There are three Ghost Festivals in China, namely, Qingming Festival, Zhongyuan Festival and Hanyi Festival. So what date do you know about the Zhongyuan festival in 2019? The origin of the mid Yuan Festival? What are the customs of the Zhongyuan Festival?

What month is the mid Yuan Festival in 2019

The mid Yuan Festival in 2019 is August 15 of the Gregorian calendar. On Thursday, July 15 of the lunar calendar, the mid Yuan Festival is also known as ghost festival and July half.

Suitable: marriage, hairpin hairpin, sacrifice, bathing, Purdue, travel, taking money, sweeping house, accepting livestock, going to office

Taboo: market opening, breaking the ground, settling down, opening warehouse, Shangliang Zhongyuan Festival, what are the customs? The origin of Zhongyuan Festival

The origin of Zhongyuan Festival

The mid Yuan Festival originated from the early "July and a half" harvest in autumn to worship ancestors. The emergence of "July half" can be traced back to the worship of ancestors and the sacrifice of harvest time. The custom of offering sacrifices to ancestors on the fourteenth of July has existed since ancient times. It was originally a folk ancestor worship Festival, not a ghost festival. "July and a half" is called "Zhongyuan Festival", which originated from Taoism after the Eastern Han Dynasty. It is generally believed that the Zhongyuan Festival is also known as the "Yulan basin Festival" and "Ghost Festival"; in fact, there are many misunderstandings about this understanding. Correctly speaking, the July 14 ancestor worship Festival, the Zhongyuan Festival and the Yulan basin Festival belong to folk beliefs, Taoism and Buddhism. They are juxtaposed, rather than the three different names of a festival.

Customs of Zhongyuan Festival

Throughout the country, there are some similar customs for the mid Yuan Festival. Hebei Province, on July 15, brought fruit, preserved meat, wine, papyrus money, and so on, to the ancestral cemetery. The farmers in Yangcheng County made wheat scraps into the shape of cat, tiger and five grains. They were called "Xingtian" and hung paper flags at the gate of Zhongyuan, Shangqiu County, when they worshipped the local officials. Flying kites on Zhongyuan festival in Mengjin County. What are the taboos of the Zhongyuan Festival? Do you sacrifice on the Zhongyuan Festival

The sacrifice of Zhongyuan Festival

During the period from the first day of July to the 30th of July in the old calendar, many people hold sacrificial activities with offerings of wine, meat, sugar cakes and fruits to comfort the ghosts who are playing in the world and pray for their safety and success throughout the year. Those who were more serious even invited monks and Taoists to chant scriptures to escape the souls of the dead. It is believed that the ancestors will return home in July and half to visit their descendants, so they need to sacrifice their ancestors. This kind of ancestor worship behavior is a reflection of the traditional ethics of being cautious about the end and seeking the future, and is also a kind of ancestor culture tradition of feeling morality.

Taboos of the Zhongyuan Festival

1. Wind chimes hanging on the head of the bed can easily attract ghosts, and sleeping is the most vulnerable time to be invaded. 2. Night outing, eight character light people try not to night tour. 3. Burn paper for non-specific occasions. 4. Don't eat sacrifices. These are food for ghosts. 5. Don't trample on the ghost paper, which is a sacrifice to ghosts.