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What month is the Lantern Festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand? Tourism accommodation strategy in Chiang

Now many people like to travel to Thailand. It can be said that it is relatively cheap to travel in Thailand. And Chiang Mai is a city in the north of Thailand. Because the air is fresh, the weather temperature is suitable and the surrounding environment is very beautiful, it is favored by many traveling partners from all over the world, and even some stars have played Do you want to have a deep understanding of the small town of Chiang Mai?

In depth tour of Chiang Mai

If you have a little knowledge of Chiang Mai, you know that it has many historical sites, and it is also known as "the rose of northern Thailand". Its economic and other aspects of development are second only to Bangkok, the central city of Thailand. Moreover, it has many tourist attractions, and its popularity is not much lower than that of Bangkok's tourist attractions. Moreover, there is an annual, ten year old city in Chiang Mai The Lantern Festival, a major and spectacular Festival, is just like we put Kong Ming lantern on the Lantern Festival. On the evening of November 3 every year, a large water Lantern Festival is held, and the ten thousand people's Lantern Festival paves the way for the Water Lantern Festival. However, in people's eyes, the Kongming lantern is the key point, and the water lantern for blessing becomes less important.

Accommodation strategy in Chiang Mai

It's very important to travel and stay in Chiang Mai. Otherwise, it may affect the good intentions of the day. The following hotels may make you have the idea of staying for a long time.

Huihuilana riverside Hot Spring Resort Hotel

The La Tirana riverside Spa Resort in Chiang Mai enjoys the beautiful scenery of the MAE Ping River in Chiang Mai. It is close to the famous night market and other historical attractions. It is only 10 minutes' drive from the Chiang Mai International Airport. The resort harmoniously integrates the essence of tradition with modern European elements. Elegant guest rooms combine wooden furniture and Thai decoration.

Sumitaya Hotel, Chiang Mai

The hotel is located in the old city, and its superior location makes it a desirable accommodation choice in Chiang Mai. It's easy to visit in this area. The Lanchang temple and other scenic spots are near the hotel. In addition, a bathroom equipped with a hair dryer is a great place for you to get rid of the fatigue of the day. After a busy day, you can enjoy all kinds of sports and leisure facilities in the hotel. The hotel will provide convenient concierge service for passengers. Guests staying in the hotel can use the hotel's free parking lot.

Aimei Hotel, Chiang Mai

Located on changklan road in the center of Chiang Mai, the hotel is just a few steps away from the tha PAE gate gate and warorot market market. It combines European design features with Lanna Thai charm. It also has a luxurious spa center, an outdoor swimming pool and four restaurants.