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What's the best way to buy Japan? List of the most valuable items in Japan

In Japan, you should not only see the cherry blossom, but also the beautiful scenery. Let's see what products are worth purchasing in Japan and what products are worth purchasing in Japan?

1. Cosmetics

The research on cosmetics in Japan can be said to be very good. Shiseido and SK-II are famous. Moreover, Japanese cosmetics are cheap and of good quality. They are worth buying. In Tokyo, there are many specialized mass stores of cosmetics, and the prices are relatively reasonable.

2. Digital products

Japan's digital products are also very famous, what canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Sony and so on are made in Japan. Ginza and Shinjuku in Tokyo are both good places for shopping, especially Ginza. There is a toy museum on Ginza street, which can be visited by tourists who love toys. Japan's daily necessities production is very exquisite, very humanized, worth buying.

3. Make up

Japan's medicated make-up can be said to be very famous. SANA, a famous Japanese cosmetic brand, has everything from skin care to make-up. Soymilk is SANA's trump card. This series is specially designed for women. There are many other well-known cosmetic brands, this is the product you must buy in Japan!