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What's the best way to go to Yunnan in June? The best way to visit Yunnan in June

When people talk about Yunnan, they will always think of the famous song, the south of colorful clouds. As the song says, Yunnan Province is a beautiful place. When we first arrived in Yunnan Province, we felt the warm and warm sunshine. The sunshine spread among the mountains and rivers, pushed away the heavy fog, and showed us a magnificent and magnificent mountain and river, as if in the fairyland of the world, green mountains and Erh Sea, prosperous, in this winter, turned into a fairyland on earth. So, what are the tourist routes to Yunnan in June?

Yunnan June tourism strategy

Shangri la route:

D1 Gadan & middot; Songzanlin Temple (1-2 hours) & rarr; dukezong ancient city (30 minutes) & rarr; dukezong ancient city in Shangri La City Guishan Park (1 hour) & rarr; dukezong ancient city in Shangri La County - Moonlight square (1 hour)

D2 Pudacuo National Park (1 day)

Kunming route:

D1 New Museum of Yunnan Provincial Museum (2 hours) & rarr; Guandu ancient town (3 hours) & rarr; Huanxi taste Yunnan Restaurant (2 hours)

D2 Dianchi Haigeng Park (2 hours) & rarr; Haigeng dam (1 hour) & rarr; Park 1903 (2 hours) & rarr; CGK & middot; Kunming Contemporary Art Museum (1 hour) & rarr; sitting on traditional rice noodles across the bridge (1.5 hours)

D3 zhenqingguan (1 hour) & rarr; Kunming Museum (1.5 hours) & rarr; the edge (1 hour) & rarr; Yunnan Art Museum (1 hour) & rarr; Guangzong No.3 (2 hours)

D4 Yuantong Temple (1.5 hours) & rarr; Kunming Cuihu Park (2 hours) & rarr; former site of Yunnan Army Academy (1 hour) & rarr; elephant Library (1 hour) & rarr; former site of National Southwest United University (1 hour) & rarr; Grand View Park (1 hour) & rarr; Fuzhao building (2 hours)

Lijiang Yulong Snow Mountain route:

D1 Lijiang ancient city (2 hours) & rarr; lion mountain (1 hour) & rarr; Mufu (1 hour) & rarr; Sifang Street (3 hours)

D2 Glacier Park (3 hours) & rarr; yunshanping (1-2 hours) & rarr; Blue Moon Valley (1 hour)

D3 Shuhe ancient town (2 hours) & rarr; Shuhe Sifang Street (0.5-1 hours) & rarr; Shuhe ancient town Qinglong bridge (10 minutes) & rarr; Jiuding Longtan (30 minutes) & rarr; Sanshenggong (0.5-1 hours) & rarr; Tea Horse Ancient Road Museum (0.5-1 hours)

D4 Lashihai Wetland Park (1 day)

Dali route:

D1 Dali ancient city (2-3 hours) & rarr; Chongsheng Temple three pagodas (2 hours) & rarr; three tower reflection Park (1 hour) & rarr; Renmin Road (1-2 hours)

D2 Dali ancient city (departure) & rarr; Xizhou ancient town (1-2 hours) & rarr; butterfly spring (1 hour) & rarr; Shuanglang ancient town (2 hours) & rarr; Nanzhao style Island (1 hour) & rarr; diaoshe town (2 hours) & rarr; xiaoputuo (30 minutes) & rarr; Dali ancient city (return)

D3 Cangshan (1 day)

Lugu Lake route:

D1 viewing platform of 18 turns in lining (15 minutes) & rarr; Lugu Lake viewing platform (15 minutes) & rarr; big falling dock (10 minutes) & rarr; Lugu Lake scenic spot - Lugu Lake Rock Island (2 hours) & rarr; Lugu Lake Scenic Area Lugu Lake Lige Peninsula (2 hours)

D2 Lugu Lake Scenic Area - Lugu Lake Lige Peninsula (30 minutes) & rarr; NISAI Village (30 minutes) & rarr; xiaoluoshui (1 hour) & rarr; lover's beach in Libai (30 minutes) & rarr; last princess's Mansion (40 minutes) & rarr; Caohai (2 hours) & goddess Bay (2 hours)

D3 Lugu Lake Scenic Area - Lige peninsula of Lugu Lake (10 minutes) & rarr; NISAI Village (cable car ride) & rarr; Golmud goddess mountain (half day)