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Is it fun to travel in Singapore? How much does it cost to travel in Singapore a week?

Singapore is also a relatively suitable country for tourism. The tourism in this country is also developing very well. What's more, the tourist attractions in Singapore are relatively concentrated. It's enough to arrange about one week. Many people don't know how much it costs to visit Singapore for the first time? How much does it cost to travel in Singapore a week?

How much does it cost to travel to Singapore

As for the tourism budget, we can only make the budget from the consumption level of Singapore, as well as the days of travel and the expenses of clothing, food, housing and transportation. Moreover, the consumption level of Singapore is higher than that of the first tier cities in China, especially the hotel expenses, which will account for more than half of the total consumption. However, many scenic spots in Singapore are free to visit. In addition, most of the paid scenic spots can buy discount tickets online, which can save tourists' expenses to a certain extent.


The most affordable thing in Singapore is to eat at roadside stalls or cooked food centers (similar to the big era in China). There are many places like this, and the cost of each meal is less than 50 yuan. Restaurant consumption is a little more expensive, the general dinner in more than 150 yuan, which also pay 10% of the service fee. The price of mineral water is 10-15 yuan per bottle, which is basically the same as that of carbonated drinks.

get accommodation:

The bed of youth hostel is about 100 yuan for one night, and 300 yuan for a single room for 2-3 people. The standard hotel price is around 600 yuan. There are many luxury hotels, which are more than 1000 yuan a night. The closer the hotel is to the city, the more expensive it will be. A night's stay on Sentosa Island should be more than 700 yuan.


It is most convenient for Singapore to travel by bus, subway and other public transport. The starting price of bus is 3.5 yuan, and that of subway is 4 yuan. If you visit the city, the cost of taking public transportation is less than 40 yuan a day. Taxis in Singapore are more expensive, with a starting price of 15-20 yuan, and a 25% service charge is charged in the morning and evening peak hours.

On the question of how much a week's tourism costs in Singapore, the above editor tells us a consumption level related to clothing, food, housing and transportation. We can estimate the approximate cost based on these factors. Moreover, different consumption views certainly lead to different budgets.