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What's the point of cycling to Africa? Does cycling want to travel around the world by itself?

Recently, Mr. Zhou and his girlfriend from Changchun, Jilin Province wanted to ride a shared bicycle. They scanned the QR code of a Weiwei bicycle. Unexpectedly, neither of them opened the lock, but the system showed that the code scanning was successful, and began to charge. Even the location on the map of the two people in the app started to move by themselves. What's going on?

Later, the two want to end the trip, but the system requires that they must be next to the bike and turn off the lock on the car to end it -- but they can't open the lock at the beginning! They have no idea. Five or six days later, the billing is still going on.

What's more, the positioning of Mr. Zhou's girlfriend shows that up to now, she has' ridden 'more than 10000 kilometers and' traveled across the sea 'from China to Africa. Mr. Zhou has been trying to contact the bicycle customer service, but the other side is still in the off state.