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How much does Baiyunshan bungee jump cost in Guangzhou? How high is Baiyun Mountain bungee jumping?

It's said that bungee jumping is a kind of extreme sport that many people are afraid of, but also have the courage to experience. Today, I'd like to tell you about Baiyunshan bungee jumping in Guangzhou. It's a net red punch point in Guangzhou. Many eager people want to challenge it. How much is it? How many meters is it in Baiyunshan District of Guangzhou?

How much is bungee jumping in Baiyunshan, Guangzhou

Baiyun Mountain bungee jumping is in Baiyun Mountain scenic area. It's a very challenging high-altitude project. Friends who like this kind of project will definitely want to experience it. At present, the price of Baiyun Mountain bungee jumping is 300 yuan / person / time. There are four kinds of jumping methods, namely, waist binding, feet binding, back binding and double jumping. In addition, the price of the double jump will be increased. For the specific ticket price, please call the official website to inquire the detailed price. Guangzhou Baiyun District bungee jumping how many meters? What are the safety measures for bungee jumping in Baiyun District?

How many meters of bungee jumping in Baiyun District, Guangzhou

The bungee jumping in Baiyun District of Guangzhou has been around for a long time. It is a famous bungee jumping place in Guangzhou. The bungee jumping height is about 43 meters. American system and equipment are introduced to ensure the double insurance of bungee jumping equipment and operation. Many people who like extreme sports are willing to try it. It can not only challenge yourself, but also release the pressure. If you can't bear it, please don't try it easily. It's related to your own safety.

I've told you about Baiyunshan bungee jumping in Guangzhou. You can have a good look at it if you want to know it. You can think about it if you want to challenge. It's a project that needs courage.