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What are the characteristics of southern, northern and eastern Xinjiang?

First of all, Xinjiang is really big! With an area of 1.66 million square kilometers, it is the largest provincial administrative region in China's land area. If it plans to go to Xinjiang, it will take a week. Speaking of this, I remember someone sent a message to ask me: how long does it take to play all the southern and Northern Xinjiang? So to describe it to you, out of Urumqi, the provincial capital, if you go to Kanas, the straight-line distance is about 880 kilometers, about 12 hours of driving. If you want to play, it is suggested to choose a route to play in southern, northern or eastern Xinjiang.

Next, I will introduce the south, North and East Xinjiang. Tianshan Mountains lie in the middle of Xinjiang, dividing Xinjiang into two parts: North and south, Tarim Basin in the South and Junggar Basin in the north. It is customary to call the south of Tianshan as the South Xinjiang, the north of Tianshan as the North Xinjiang, and the Hami and Turpan basins as the East Xinjiang.

The northern Xinjiang includes Urumqi, Karamay, Altay, Tacheng, Changji, Shihezi, Beitun, Ili, Bortala and other areas. This area has a temperate continental arid and semi-arid climate with an annual average temperature of - 4 ~ 9 ℃ and four distinct seasons. The landscape of Northern Xinjiang is changeable, including lakes, forests, grasslands, canyons, Gobi, etc.

The main scenic spots are:

1. Kanas, a national 5A tourist attraction, has beautiful and mysterious Kanas Lake, Wolong Bay, Yueliang Bay, Shenxian Bay, etc.

2. Hemu and Hemu village are the concentrated living quarters of Tuwa people, with a total area of 3040 square kilometers. The houses here are made of logs, full of primitive taste, and known as the first village in China.

3. Sayram Lake is the highest altitude, largest area and beautiful mountain lake in Xinjiang. It is called the last tear in the Atlantic Ocean.

4. The ghost city of Urho is another world created by the wind. This landform was selected as the first of the three most beautiful yadans in China by China National Geographic pageant China. After hundreds of millions of years of wind cutting and rain erosion, thousands of mounds have thousands of forms, like human face, like ape standing, changing perspective is image change.

5. Tianshan Tianchi, which was called yaochi in ancient times, is a famous summer resort and tourist attraction with Tianchi as the center, integrating forest, grassland, snow mountain and cultural landscape, snow peak reflected, surrounded by spruce and picturesque scenery.

There are other scenic spots such as Nalati air grassland, xinghuagou, Xinjiang Museum, colorful beach, etc. What are the interesting scenic spots in southern Xinjiang? A list of interesting scenic spots in southern Xinjiang

In the south, people often say that the north looks at the scenery while the south looks at the humanities. This is because in the south of Xinjiang, there are many ethnic minorities, such as Han, Uygur, Mongolia, Tajik, Kirgiz and so on, which constitute a cultural landscape with national characteristics. It includes Kashgar, Aksu, alar, Hotan, Korla and other areas. It belongs to the temperate continental arid climate, with a vast territory, drought and little rain, more deserts, Gobi, snow mountains, plateau lakes, etc.

The main scenic spots are:

1. Kashgar is the political and cultural center of Southern Xinjiang and the important commercial port on the ancient Silk Road. There are such scenic spots as the mausoleum of Xiangfei, the mosque of etigaer and Sanxian cave.

2. Bayinbrook grassland, in Bayinguoleng Mongol Autonomous Prefecture in the south of Xinjiang, is the scene of the movie "flying life". There are Xanadu surrounded by snow mountains, Kaidu River with nine curves and eighteen bends, and Swan Lake with elegant charm.

3. Taklimakan Desert, the largest desert in China, is distributed in four regional boundaries of Xinjiang: Bayingolin, Aksu, Kashi and Hetian. In the scenic spot, you can ride camels, take beach bikes, enjoy the spectacular desert sunset and the vast sea in a good weather.

3. Kuqa Tianshan Grand Canyon is one of the most mysterious places in southern Xinjiang. You can browse the pyramidal Yadan landform, the Potala Palace of Yanshui ditch, the wonders of Tianshan Mountain, the stone forest of Hongshan mountain, and visit the shooting place of the Movie Heroes of heaven and earth.

There are other scenic spots such as Loulan ancient country, Qianfo cave, Luobu people village, Bosten Lake, etc. What are the interesting scenic spots in Dongjiang? A list of interesting scenic spots in eastern Xinjiang

Eastern Xinjiang, including Hami and Turpan. Famous tourist attractions in Turpan include:

1. Huoyanshan, located in the northern edge of Turpan Basin, is barren of vegetation and hidden by birds. The highest temperature in summer is 47.8 ℃, and the highest temperature on the surface is 89 ℃, which is the real extreme heat in China.

2. Grape Valley, the largest Valley in Huoyanshan Valley, is like a green ribbon floating in the center of the basin. You can taste the sweetest grapes in the world in the Grape Valley, as well as the passionate dance of Uygur boys, thrilling and exciting performance of Dawaz, etc.

Hami, Hami melon is sweet and delicious. The main scenic spots here are: Wubao ghost city, Tianshan Mountain Scenic Area, Miaoergou, etc.

No matter in the south, the north or the East, Xinjiang is a place worth visiting. The only regret is that Xinjiang is really too big,