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Where is my real friend shooting? Which country did you go abroad?

My true friend, an urban drama starring Yang Ying, Deng Lun and Zhu Yilong, has attracted the attention of many netizens. The play is based on the real estate agency as the story background, and tells the story that the protagonists and heroines try their best to make progress together. At this time, many netizens asked: some netizens also said that the shooting place of this play is really to go to foreign countries for shooting? Where is my real friend shooting?

This TV play mainly focuses on two places, one is Italy and the other is Shanghai. Next, I will reveal the real shooting scene of my true friend to you.

Where is my real friend shooting

"My true friend" has been preparing for shooting since 2018, and it has been in the shooting stage since the beginning of May. For an urban drama, the shooting cycle of this drama is relatively long. And the location is different. Most of the scenes of this TV series are shot in China, the shooting place is Shanghai, but some of the scenes are shot in Italy.

Nowadays, because of the cycle and venue problems, a lot of TV dramas will appear some scenes of helping. There will be many foreign scenes in my true friend. However, careful Netizens found that the foreign scenes were shot in Shanghai airport. The crew used the domestic venues to skillfully create foreign scenes, which surprised the audience. I didn't expect that many scenes in the TV series were fake.

Shooting in this way may not be sincere enough from the perspective of the audience. But in real life, because the production of a TV play is very troublesome, and shooting in foreign countries will also bring a lot of inconvenience, using the layout of the site this way to make up shooting is also a more common way.

Many netizens will think that this is because the actors are not dedicated enough or to save costs. In fact, we still need to look at this matter from a rational perspective. The quality of a work is not determined by the scene, but by the actor's acting skills and the plot itself. Although part of the scenes in my true friend are fake scenes at home and abroad, some scenes that can't be arranged are also shot abroad. Among them, Rome is one of the foreign locations.