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What is the most worth buying to Japan? Take stock of the most worthy items in Japan

As a super popular tourist destination, Japan is not allowed to gather a lot of trendy shopping places, which is called the first choice for Asian tourists. Shopping in Japan, cosmetics, snacks, fashion goods, electronic products... To buy is also to have a strategy! Here is a list of things that you must buy in Japan. These are the most worth buying!

1、 Beauty

24K beauty stick

The 24K beauty bar is often sold out by Chinese sea agents. It is made of pure gold and regenerates the inelastic skin through 6000 vibrations per minute, making the skin return to its tender state. The ladies who are busy with their work in ordinary days are not far away from the dream of being a beauty without age.


It's also an absolute beauty. With it, you can have a good summer. As long as you have this bottle of ANESSA's 50 times sunscreen, you can ensure that your white flower's thigh won't be sunburned in the hot sun.

2、 Personal care

Dazheng pharmaceutical oral ulcer patch

Taizheng pharmaceutical's many medicines are necessary to buy in Japan. It has a very high reputation in Japan. If you are a regular aphthous ulcer person, you must not miss this product! The aphthous ulcer patch of Dazheng pharmaceutical specializes in all kinds of inflamed, and there is no need to be afraid of the sores in your mouth. Each tablet is a small round piece, and the use method is written at every step Is very clear, the use method is very simple!

Towering FX

Maybe many people are still unfamiliar with this eyedrop. It's a super hot eyedrop in Japan. After many people use this eyedrop, their eye problems have been solved. If they want to buy this eyedrop in China, the selectivity will be relatively simple, but if they go to Japan, they will have more kinds to choose. So if they need eyedrops, they will go to Japan I bought it!

Xiaolin pharmaceutical liquid band aid

Kobayashi pharmaceutical's products are also one of the necessary commodities for many people to drink in Japan. Its products are well-known, easy to use and inexpensive. This liquid band aid will certainly be a good choice. It can form a protective film on the wound, which can promote wound healing. It's also very convenient to use. Just lightly apply a layer on the wound, it can be waterproof and sweat proof. Compared with the solid-state band aid, it's much lighter and portable, and it won't feel heavy in summer, so it's definitely right to buy it.

In addition to enjoying the scenery and delicious food, don't forget to buy something to bring back. Whether it's for your own use or for someone else's purchase, the items listed above must be bought in Japan. They are very practical. They are the most worth buying.