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Mount Tai looks at the sunrise! How much does it cost to stay at the top of Mount Tai for one night?

Mount Tai, as the head of the five mountains, has always been a very beautiful legend. It is said that Mount Tai was formed by Pangu's head after the earth was opened. So that's why Chinese people worship Mount Tai so much since ancient times, and there is also the saying that Mount Tai is safe all over the world. I don't know how many kings of the dynasty came to Mount Tai for Zen and sacrifice. In recent years, many people will visit Mount Tai to see the sunrise. So, how much is a night stay at the top of Mount Tai?

Many literati and calligraphers have traveled to Mount Tai and left many excellent poems. The mountains of Mount Tai are overlapped with boulders, pines and dreamlike sea of clouds, forming a majestic scene of interweaving trees and Qixiu. Therefore, Mount Tai is also a rare tourist resort combining history, culture and nature in the world.

I don't know how many tourists are ecstatic to see the sunrise of Mount Tai. They have gone through countless hardships to climb the top of Mount Tai. From the highest point here, they can see the sunrise gradually turning yellow to red, and finally jumping out of the ground like a big fireball. Such a gradual change of feeling and color can gradually ignite our inner passion 。 And all the tired and tired moment also disappeared without trace, feeling only for watching this moment is eternal. Today, we are talking about the topic that many people just want to go to the top of the mountain to watch the sunrise of Mount Tai, but many people can't see the sunrise.

Because there are many factors in this, many tourists should choose to climb in the evening, in order to better meet the sunrise. If there is a weather reason, it makes people feel helpless. As we all know, the best time to watch the sunrise at the top of Mount Tai is around 6 in the morning, which is also changing with the changing seasons. There may not have been so many auxiliary facilities and hotels on the top of Mount Tai Long ago, but with the continuous strength and simple technology of our comprehensive strength in China, we can build some relatively large buildings near the top of the mountain.

Especially in Taishan, a famous overseas tourist attraction, there are also some hotels on the mountain. Generally speaking, these hotels have reached the scale of three-star to four-star standard hotels, but if you want to stay here for one night, you need about 1000 yuan. In particular, some rooms can take a panoramic view of the whole Mount Tai, and the price will be even higher. Even at that price, it's very difficult to book a room here. To see the readers here, especially in the 1970s and 1980s, people who used to visit Mount Tai should be very clear that they could spend tens of yuan here to stay one night at the top of the mountain.

Now, the price of more than 1000 yuan is unacceptable to many people, but looking back at the per capita income and wage level in the 1970s and 1980s is very low. Now, although our personal income and living standard have been greatly improved, it is still out of reach for many people, so it will cost a lot to watch the sunrise of Mount Tai no matter when and where we are.

But when the sun rises from the horizon and the sky is full of sunlight, you will feel that the energy and money spent before are nothing. I don't know if you've ever seen the sunrise in Mount Tai, or if you've stayed at the hotel on the top of the mountain for a night just to wait for the view of the sky. Do you have different opinions on the price of Mount Tai Hotel?