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Which is better, Sichuan bipenggou or Hailuogou? Which is better to play?

Sichuan can be said to be the treasure base of tourism. Every year, Sichuan Province can give our tourists new surprises. Bipenggou and Hailuogou are very popular plateau scenic spots in Sichuan at present. They are all original ecological natural scenic spots. Many tourists are better than bipenggou and Hailuogou? Which place is more worthy of traveling?

Which is better, bipenggou or Hailuogou

Bipeng ditch

The specific location of bipenggou is No.88, Zhuangfang village, Potou Township, Li County, Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture. Its most famous scenery is colorful autumn. Therefore, bipenggou is a place suitable for enjoying autumn. From the end of September to the end of October every year, it is the most beautiful moment of bipenggou. Red leaves, clear water and snow mountains form a huge and shocking area. At this time, the mountains are red and the forests are dyed , 3000 square kilometers of red leaves, such as spring flowers in full bloom, simply beautiful.

Hailuogou Valley

Hailuogou is located in Luding County in the southeast of Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. Its biggest highlight is to see glaciers and hot springs. Therefore, the best travel time of Hailuogou is in winter, almost from November to April next year. In particular, Hailuogou No.1 glacier in the scenic spot is the largest and most shocking one, which is the highest and largest one ever found in China Ice waterfall, in addition to, in Hailuogou open-air hot spring is also a great enjoyment.

On the question of whether Hailuogou is fun or bipenggou, Xiaobian thinks that there is no conflict between the two. After all, the highlights are different. Tourists can choose according to their own preferences, like to go to bipenggou in autumn or Hailuogou in snow, and then choose it.