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Where can I travel on Dragon Boat Festival? A list of the most suitable cities in China for the Drag

During the Dragon Boat Festival, summer has come in some areas of China, and the climate is hot. Not only that, many areas enter the rainy season, with frequent precipitation. When you choose your destination, you must be careful. So, what are the suitable places for tourism in China? What kind of beautiful scenery can you see in these cities?


The best travel time of Ili is from May to August every year. At this time, you can not only enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, but also taste all kinds of fresh seasonal fruits. Beautiful scenery and fragrant fruits are the perfect expression here. Just in the middle of June, when lavender is in full bloom, there will be a grand Lavender Festival.


The Qinghai Lake in June can't be described too well in any beautiful language. Do you remember that song "in that far away place"? In that far away place, there was a good girl, people walked through her tent & hellip; & hellip; this famous song was born in the gold and silver beach grassland by the Qinghai Lake.

Many people are attracted by Qinghai Lake because of the rape flower sea by Qinghai Lake in July, accompanied by yellow and blue under the pure sky. But in June, Qinghai Lake is bluer and purer, avoiding crowds. If you can't let go of the temptation of rape flowers, the end of June is the best season.


Needless to say, when it comes to Dali, it must be xiaguanfeng, shangguanhua, Cangshan snow, Erhai moon, the so-called Fenghuaxueyue. It is located in the low latitude plateau, where the temperature difference is not big in four seasons. Erhai Lake, Cangshan Mountain, beside butterfly spring, Dali's wind, flowers, snow and moon are far away in the tranquility, so beautiful that they are so refreshing.


Kunming, located in the south of 30 degrees north latitude, is determined by its geographical location and topographic characteristics. It has four seasons like spring, summer and winter. No matter from which point of view is the spring, the sky is blue and high, as if it is transparent. It is also a place of national integration, with all kinds of local customs.