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Where do you go for the Dragon Boat Festival? The best tourist attractions of Dragon Boat Festival

This year's Dragon Boat Festival is coming soon. You must take the climate into consideration when you travel. After all, summer has come, and the south is now in the hot rainy season. Of course, if there are some places you really want to go, do a good job of sunscreen and bring rain gear. But if you are going to a more partial place, or mountain climbing, it's better to choose a sunny day. So, where is the Dragon Boat Festival not hot?


Qingdao is located in the southeast coast of Shandong Peninsula. It is the Pearl of the Yellow Sea, the classic architecture of the world, the famous city with beer fragrance, and the hot land for opening up. In my memory, the most enjoyable scenery in Qingdao is to stand in front of the yacht string and sit in the front of the wooden sampan on the sea far away from the land; to fly straight ahead along the coastline through the porthole of the sightseeing helicopter; to pass through the clear air at the pass near laoding, and to see from afar, the buildings are like a line, like bonsai, lying between the mountains and the sea.

Mulan Wei Chang

Mulan paddock is located in Weichang Manchu Mongolian Autonomous County, Chengde City, Hebei Province, and borders on keshketeng banner, Inner Mongolia. Since ancient times, Mulan paddock has been a natural garden with abundant water and grass, dense forests, and numerous animals. In the Liao and Jin Dynasties of China, it was called "thousand li pine forest". The Qing Dynasty was a famous hunting place for emperors. In 1991, the Ministry of construction determined Mulan paddock as a national scenic spot through expert argumentation.

Because the vegetation in the scenic area is well preserved and the forest coverage is high, the regional microclimate characteristics are formed, the precipitation is relatively abundant and the air quality is high. Blue sky and white clouds, green grass, outline the magnificent picture of the reserve.

In spring and summer, there are thousands of pines and waves, and the wind is blowing; in the vast grassland, there are flowers like brocade, and the tourists stroll in it, relaxed and happy, without knowing the summer heat.


Shennongjia forest area is located in the northwest of Hubei Province. It is a place with mountains and rivers crisscrossing, peaks and mountains. It is named after the legend that Shennong, the ancestor of Chinese, tasted hundreds of herbs to save the people. In the forest area, there are dense forests and deep valleys, which are isolated from the rest of the world. The scenery of the flood and famine era is well preserved. The animal and plant resources are extremely rich. The legend of the presence of savages makes it even more mysterious. The tranquility of the forest, the waves of the lake, the mystery of the mountains, the frolic of the animals & hellip; & hellip; everything here will make people forget the noise and feel like another life.


Enshi Prefecture is mainly composed of picturesque landscapes and grotesque caves, which are concentrated in Enshi, Lichuan and Xianfeng. In addition, Badong and Hefeng are also distributed. Enshi Grand Canyon and Tusi city are famous local scenic spots.

Enshi is hidden in the mountains, with beautiful picturesque scenery, unique Tujia stilts and lost Tusi civilization, which will make you yearn for this land.