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How can I get to Chongming Island in Shanghai? The historical origin of Chongming Island in Shanghai

Chongming Island, located in Jiangkou, is the third largest island in China. It is known as "the gate of the Yangtze River and Yingzhou in the East China Sea". It is the largest alluvial island in the world and the largest sand island in the world. Chongming Island is the place where the Yangtze River flows eastward and the flow velocity into the estuary slows down. A large amount of sediment is gradually deposited here, forming one by one estuarine sand island, from the surface. So, what's fun about Chongming Island in Shanghai?

What's fun about Chongming Island in Shanghai?

Chongming Island, in the end, has several shapes: rape flower, lavender, wetland, reed, garden, sea. And cyclists. On this small square Island, all the beautiful things are gathered, like the fairy tale world in the dream. When the salty sea breeze gently blows the hair and the Metasequoia passes by, the picture of "facing the sea and blooming in spring" never comes out so clearly in my mind & hellip; & hellip;

Chengqiao Town: the seat of Chongming Island County Government, which is also a relatively prosperous place in the whole Chongming Island. It is convenient for accommodation and entertainment shopping.

Chenhai Road: this road is the main traffic thoroughfare in Chongming Island. It connects the Yangtze River Tunnel and bridge, runs through the East and West ends of Chongming County. There are many villages and residents along the road, and it is also a road that Chongming pedestrians must go to. How can I get to Chongming Island in Shanghai?

How can I get to Chongming Island in Shanghai?

Shanghai Chongming Island route ferry

Since the opening of the Yangtze River Tunnel and bridge, the number of ferries from Shanghai to Chongming Island has been greatly reduced and the number of flights is not fixed. At present, Shanghai can board from Wusong wharf, Baoyang wharf and Shidongkou wharf to Chongming Island. There are three ferry terminals in Chongming Island, Nanmen, Xinhe and Baozhen. Most people choose Nanmen or Baozhen for ferry. South Gate wharf, in particular, is near the town center of Chongming Island. The buses to the scenic spot are also at the South Gate wharf.

Transportation in Chongming Island, Shanghai:

1: Take line 3, Caoxi Road, Shanghai gymnasium, and get off Baoyang road to Baoyang wharf by bus or taxi

2: Baoyang wharf buys tickets to go to South Gate of Chongming Island by boat. The journey is about 40 minutes. The fare is about 20 yuan.

3: After getting off the south gate is Chongming Island. There are many tricycles and taxis at the exit of the south gate, as well as bicycle rental (but it is not recommended to rent bicycles, if you choose the original way to return, you can.)

4: To Chongming, it is suggested to go to Dongping National Forest Park first. It's better to go early. Tickets are no longer available at 4:30 p.m. There's a bike rental at the door. But it's recommended to buy a ticket and rent a car after entering the park. The park is large, cycling is the most convenient and affordable, and free. About 50 tickets.

5: Later, those who want to go to other places can choose by themselves, such as farm food, farm, etc. When I come back, I suggest to go from Dongtan wetland. First go to Dongtan, a good place. Dongtan wetland tickets are about 50. After Dongtan comes out, take a bus to Chenjia town hub station of Chongming, directly to the second line of Shenchong of Shanghai Pudong Science and Technology Museum, which is nonstop and directly to.

Note: except Shenchong line 3 stops at Ximen bus station - Changxing Island service area & ndash; Wenshui road Gonghe new road station 3, the rest of the lines are direct and do not stop in the middle. The air-conditioned car is a single fare.

If it's self driving, it's much more convenient. You can take the Yangtze River Tunnel Bridge to the island in the direction of Shanghai, and the Shanghai Shaanxi Expressway to the island in the direction of Suzhou. After entering Chenhai highway, we arrived at Chongming County.

How to get to Chongming Island in Shanghai

Shanghai direction: Shanghai Outer Ring Road (or Xiangyin road tunnel of the central ring road) - Wuzhou Avenue in Pudong - Shanghai Yangtze River tunnel, tunnel bridge - Chongming Chenhai Road, a one-way fee of 50 yuan