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Where can I go for the Dragon Boat Festival? Recommended cities for short-term travel in China

It's the Dragon Boat Festival again. Every year, we have three days' holiday. This year is no exception. During the holiday, the expressway is free, which saves people a lot of money. However, this also leads to a large number of people going out on holidays. Before going out, you must make a plan in advance. It's hard to go far in three days, but you can still see the short distance scenic spots. So, where is the best place to go for domestic short distance tourism in Dragon Boat Festival?

Where can I go for Dragon Boat Festival Tourism


Shanghai, also known as Shanghai beach, is the largest city in China, one of China's four municipalities directly under the central government, China's National Center City, and an international metropolis.

The ancient and mottled Shikumen, goblets, coffee bars and old records are full of fragrant Shanghai sentiment. Go to see the petty bourgeoisie sentiment of the small villa and taste the Shanghai flavor of authentic Shanghai cuisine.


Xiamen has many special honors such as "International Garden City", "national civilized city", "national garden city", "China's excellent tourist city", "China's most romantic leisure city", etc. 'city in the sea, sea in the city' is the indisputable feature of Xiamen.

Xiamen is suitable for city hiking without theme. The wires dancing beside the road are probably to comb the music score of a city and meet a cat and dog with a feeling of petty bourgeoisie.

Xiamen is a small island, but it is full of warmth everywhere: the bus seats, clean and tidy city appearance, and the feeling of home everywhere. Xiamen is not limited to natural scenery. The natural scenery of Xiamen is undoubtedly beautiful, but the reason why Xiamen is beautiful is not that it is small, but that it is quiet, clean and warm. The old city is small and the new area is exquisite. The streets and buildings with the characteristics of the southern coastal cities are clean and beautiful. Xiamen is not only beautiful and clean, but also clean and civilized.


Kunming, a city without a strong theme, is languidly blooming on the fragrant land in the southwest. It seems that only sunshine and spring are eternal here.

Kunming is a typical temperate climate because of no heat in summer, no cold in winter and pleasant climate. The temperature in the urban area is between 0-29 ℃, and the annual temperature difference is the smallest in China. Thus, Kunming is famous for its' spring city 'because of its rare climate characteristics in the world.

There are many tourist attractions in Kunming, including Stone Forest World Geopark, Dianchi Lake, Anning hot spring, Jiuxiang, Yangzonghai, jiaozi snow mountain and other national and provincial famous scenic spots, as well as more than 100 key scenic spots such as World Horticultural Expo Park and Yunnan ethnic village.


A city that doesn't want to go when it comes, a 'Leisure City' that slows down time. There are many scenic spots in Chengdu, such as wide and narrow alleys, Koi and Wuhou Temple. You can visit them in 1-2 days. The most beautiful spots are distributed around the site, and the arrangement is more suitable for 2-4 days. Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong, Dujiangyan, Leshan Giant Buddha and Qingcheng Mountain are not to be missed. It usually takes 4-5 days to play.


Haikou, the capital of Hainan Province, was once selected as a charming city with Chinese characteristics. Although he is not famous in Sanya, he is not as noisy as Sanya. The romantic feelings of the island are not less. Haikou's long beach is surrounded by the endless Qiongzhou Strait, where sailing boats often come and go. The ancient volcanoes are full of coral like lava flow, freezing the ancient time here, quiet and comfortable. The wet sea wind is a little cold, but the fragrance of flowers is clear, and occasionally there are birds singing. Find a dad's tea shop where business is booming and sit down to chat with the enthusiastic grandma. There are three or two peddlers on the street who carry the burden of selling. Almost all of the burdens are Hainan's local characteristic fruits, such as mangosteen, egg fruit and lotus mist. It's better to walk alone in the old arcade street at dusk, from Jiefang West Road to Boai Road, from DESHENGSHA to Zhongshan Road. The motorcycle light is on, the wrinkles on the old building are blurred, and the balcony and windows climbing on the triangle plum are warmed by the light. The tricycle makes a tinkling sound around the corner, the colorful shop lights up the temptations, and the poor sound of the CD shop plays sad love songs of the 1980s in turn. This is the quiet, comfortable, retro and nostalgic Haikou, the coconut city that haunts people.