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Where do Yangzhou couples go on a date? Yangzhou dating Resort

Ancient poem: "Yangzhou will be under fireworks in March", so Yangzhou is also a popular place. When it's time to go to the lake, you can bring your other half to a romantic trip. After all, Yangzhou is still very popular with couples. Many couples are not far away from here. What's the best place for dating in Yangzhou?

Slender West Lake

When you come to Yangzhou in spring, you will visit the thin West Lake. Thin West Lake is a long and narrow river. Here, you can not only enjoy the natural beauty along the river, or walk into the pavilions and pavilions, and taste the poetry and painting calligraphy of ancient literati, but also you can take a boat to feel the happy mood of Emperor Qianlong when he visited the lake. Slender West Lake is also a famous garden on the lake, with beautiful natural landscape. The green willows in spring, accompanied by camellia, pomegranate, azalea, peach and other flowers and trees, attract tourists from all over the world to visit the lake every year. For thousands of years, countless literati and calligraphers have lingered here, chanted poems and paintings, left many calligraphy and stories, and built many scenic buildings according to local conditions.

Dongguan Street

Dongguan Street is located in the center of Yangzhou city. It is a main street paved with stone slabs. When walking on the road, you can see the salt merchants' courtyard with green bricks and grey tiles from time to time. The concentration of delicious food and local special products and gadgets adds the pleasure of shopping to tourists. It is worthy of being 'the most representative old historical street in Yangzhou City'. Dongguan Street is 1122 meters long from Guyun River in the east to Guoqing road in the West. Dongguan ancient ferry at the east end of Dongguan Street was the most prosperous Wharf in Yangzhou in the Tang Dynasty. With the wharf, Dongguan Street with dense commerce and trade developed. Dongguan Street is still in the shape of Ming and Qing Dynasties.

He yuan

He yuan is located in xuningmen street, Yangzhou, also known as "Jixiao mountain Manor". It is a Chinese classical garden building built in the middle of the Qing Dynasty, known as "the first garden in the late Qing Dynasty". He yuan was created by he Zhimeng in the reign of Guangxu in the Qing Dynasty. The house on the stone mountain is the work of master Shi Tao. Compared with the Humble Administrator's garden, he garden is small and exquisite, with small bridges and flowing water, winding paths and quiet, unique flavor! There are many Yangzhou delicacies around. Compared with a garden, he garden is more worth visiting.

Fenghuang ecotourism area

Located in the Northeast suburb of Yangzhou, Phoenix Island eco-tourism area is a peninsula extending into the Beijing Hangzhou Grand Canal. The lush vegetation and large wetlands attract wild animals such as egrets, and the environment is very good. You can take a walk along the canal, have a barbecue picnic, play with amusement facilities, and see the peacocks in the scenic area. There are many rides that need to be paid. Tourists can enjoy the events such as racecourse, water motorboat, speedboat, double powered umbrella, etc.; porcelain art workshop, agricultural art workshop and Diaoyutai can let tourists participate in the experience in person.

You must choose the right time and weather to go to Yangzhou. Otherwise, some scenic spots may be under maintenance early. They haven't officially opened to the outside world yet. They miss the best scenery late.