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Who is Yangzhou suitable for? Is Yangzhou suitable for traveling alone?

Yangzhou is also a relatively beautiful city. Yangzhou is suitable for tourism, because Yangzhou is not as popular as Chengdu and Chongqing, but Yangzhou has its unique beauty. The beauty of Yangzhou has a lot of cultural connotations. At this time, many people would like to ask who is suitable for such beautiful Yangzhou to travel, and whether it is suitable to travel alone?

Yangzhou is suitable for traveling alone

Zhu Ziqing's former residence

The former residence of a literary master is hidden in a humble alley in Yangzhou. Looking at the simple furnishings, dilapidated houses and her works, one can't help but have a lot of moving and new experiences. One can get to the former residence from the alley next to the dongquanmen historical block or the alley next to the wudaotai mansion. It's hard to imagine that a generation of literati actually live in it In such a deep lane. This building, which was built in the Qing Dynasty, is a typical residential "courtyard" building in Yangzhou, revealing a strong atmosphere of books.

Dongguan Street Historical Block

Dongguan Street historical block is the most famous ancient street in Yangzhou. It is a market in Ming and Qing Dynasties integrating food, shopping and tourism. When you come to Dongguan Street, you need to taste Yangzhou's special food first. You can see which shop on the street is popular. If you buy food in the past, the price is basically fair. If you want to shop, there are hundreds of old shops in the street. Among the salt merchants' houses in Dongguan Street, the most worth visiting is a garden. It's fun to drill rockeries in the garden, and it's very pleasant to walk in the bamboo forest of the garden.

Yangzhou Tianle Lake Happy Valley

Tianle Lake amusement Valley is a resort and entertainment center in Yangzhou. The price here is also relatively cost-effective. The one vote system fee standard is adopted. There are not too many people. The project is composed of four parts: ecological agriculture, leisure and entertainment, sightseeing tourism, and health care and vacation. The company adheres to the concept of "ecological park, healthy life", takes the road of low-carbon environmental protection and sustainable development, and creates a scenic spot integrating leisure, sightseeing, entertainment and vacation.

Yangzhou Shuangbo Museum

Yangzhou's Shuangbo museum is one of the most suitable scenic spots to experience Yangzhou's history and culture. Here you can taste Yangzhou's history slowly by yourself. If you have a tourist group here, you can follow it and explain it. It's only two kilometers away from Yangzhou railway station, so you might as well regard it as the first or last station of Yangzhou's travel. In fact, it's also a very good one Understand the entry point of Yangzhou, or let you have a deeper understanding of Yangzhou.

Yangzhou is a good place to travel alone. If you like Yangzhou, pick up your backpack and set out.