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Chongqing's economy is far better than Chengdu's why Chengdu has become the first?

We all know that the latest ranking of first tier cities came out some time ago. The first one is Chengdu. There is a very interesting point in the first tier list, which is worth discussing. That is, Chongqing's economic development level is actually higher than Chengdu's, but in all the new first tier rankings, Chongqing is not the first but the third, In fact, this is unexpected for many people. What is the reason?

What we all know is the economic policy of our country, which requires some people to get rich first and then help others. Therefore, there are many areas with good aspects. These cities are what we now call the front line of the future. However, in the western region, there are few economic circles that promote exchanges between other places. However, there are still some cities that are more self-supporting and become the new first tier cities, among which Chongqing and Chengdu are the most representative.

In the absence of other cities, Chengdu has become a well developed and favored city by many people with its own efforts. Why is this? First of all, Chengdu is a very attractive city for talents. The climate of the land of abundance is pleasant and seldom affected by natural disasters. It can be said that our current peach blossom garden, especially now, under the influence of the network platform, attracts young people to work here, and the talent policy here is also relatively attractive compared with other cities. In addition, there are many Internet companies here, which have more development potential than other cities.

Moreover, in recent years, its urban area has expanded several times, and the surrounding counties and regions have been included in its development plate. The way of life of the local people is also worth pursuing. They all enjoy life in particular. So many young people are willing to come here to pursue this lifestyle.

Of course, this is not to say that these aspects of Chongqing are relatively poor. In fact, this is also a country with a very strong development of the city. However, due to the limitations of the terrain, it cannot expand like other cities, so its future development may not be as good as other cities.