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Is Tianjin eye breaking up magic spell true? Can Tianjin eye lovers play?

Ferris wheel in many people's eyes, is romantic and full of fairy tale color amusement facilities. However, in Tianjin, there is such a landmark building called "Tianjin eye". It is said that couples will break up after riding the Tianjin eye Ferris wheel. And the eye of Tianjin is also civilized in China because of the breaking up curse. But do couples who have sat in the eye of Tianjin really break up? Is this Tianjin eye really not suitable for lovers to play?

Many couples should have experienced similar things, saying that they should never go to a certain place or give a gift, or they will break up. However, it is said that few people will believe these superstitions anymore.

But there is also a place in Tianjin that has been cursed like this. It is one of the landmark buildings in Tianjin, the ferris wheel of Yongle bridge known as the eye of Tianjin. It is said that couples who have been to the eye of Tianjin will break up soon after returning.

At first, netizens thought it was just a joke, but there was a famous star who proved it with his own experience.

I don't know if you remember the Tianjin Quanjian player Pato who advertised with delireba on Weibo some time ago. In fact, Pato had a girlfriend, but they broke up later. Looking at Pato's microblog, the netizens felt that they were extremely afraid that not long before he broke up with his girlfriend, Pato had posted a picture of kissing his girlfriend in front of Tianjin's eyes on the microblog. As a result, the eye of Tianjin in June broke up in July. It seems that the so-called magic spell was not born out of nothing.

So even now, there will be a lot of little couples who try to avoid the eye of Tianjin in the process of dating because of this magic spell. However, emotional matters, although pay attention to let nature, but more important is the two people's common operation. If the relationship goes to the point where we have to break up, no matter where we go for a date, we will break up. Therefore, Tianjin eye should not be the back burner for the break-up of lovers.