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What's good about going to New Zealand? New Zealand's best buy

New Zealand is not a paradise for luxury goods like the United States and the United Kingdom, but the cost performance of the local brands here is no lower than the temptation of the European and American countries to chop their hands! Many friends will consider the cost of travel, plus the cost of hotels and travel, but there is also a very important point in the local shopping, but for the friends who travel abroad will not miss a link is naturally shopping. So, what are the things worth buying in New Zealand?

New Zealand shopping strategy


There is no doubt about the status of New Zealand's dairy products, with the world's first-class dairy production line and the world's first export value. So New Zealand milk powder and butter are the best shopping choices.

Wool products

New Zealand's wool industry is very developed, you can buy all kinds of wool products, such as wool blanket, sweater, wool gloves and other well-made goods. Bonz uses the best quality merino wool in New Zealand to produce, design and produce the best quality hand woven pure wool sweaters and jackets in New Zealand, which is a recommended brand.

Health products

New Zealand's pure environment has created high-quality green products. In addition to honey, deep sea fish oil, propolis, spirulina tablets, colostrum, deer products, etc., all have great advantages over other countries, and the price is also very advantageous, which is one of the best choices for shopping.

What is worth buying in New Zealand

New Zealand has a wide range of goods, but consumption is not cheap. In addition to duty-free stores, supermarkets in Auckland and Wellington are relatively low. New Zealand's best buys are wool and traditional crafts. As a 'country on the back of sheep', New Zealand's wool products are of high quality and rich in variety, ranging from clothes to carpets, while New Zealand's traditional handicrafts are dominated by Maori culture. In addition to stone and wood carvings, abalone shell jewelry is particularly beautiful and full of rich Pacific customs.

Of all the wool, Merino is undoubtedly the thinnest and the best. Icebreaker, a local brand in New Zealand, is famous for using 100% Merino wool. This brand is sold in Jingdong, the price is directly after canadian goose. If you meet a discount while playing in New Zealand, don't hesitate, just do it. When it comes to wool products, you have to mention ugg. In fact, ugg is a nickname of ugly boots. The history of new Zealanders wearing wool boots is longer than that of Australia. In New Zealand, not only discount ugg australia, but also local brands EMU, Canterbury and MI woollies are worth buying.

Wool quilt is a magic weapon for heating in winter, but for the people in the North who have heating, too thick wool is easy to cover the fire. There are four kinds of wool in New Zealand: Alpaca (Grass Mud Horse) quilt, common wool quilt, mixed wool quilt and pure Merino wool quilt. Alpaca and wool mixed quilt have the best air permeability. When purchasing wool quilt, pay attention to the content and composition of wool. The wool quilt has a large volume, which can be compressed with a vacuum bag and then shipped. It is worth noting that the raw materials of alpaca hair products in New Zealand are mostly from South America, so pay attention to the place of origin when purchasing. In addition to the wool quilt and snow boots, the sweater blended with POSSUM and Merino wool is not only beautiful, but also does not pillage or deform.

New Zealand's handicrafts are most famous for Maori wood carving, glass products and green jade. The best place to shop for Maori wood carvings is in the souvenir shop of the matakohe kauri Museum in the North Island. The house of wood on the west coast of Hokitika is also worth visiting.