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How many delicacies did you bring to Singapore?

Singapore is also a popular country. In recent years, many people will choose to travel to Singapore. It takes a lot of time to bring souvenirs to your family every time you go out. If you go to Singapore, what souvenirs are worth buying?

Meizhen meat jerky

No one in Singapore doesn't know about meizhenxiang dried meat. After the natural honey is carefully marinated and tasted, it is grilled on the fire. Bakkwa (chicken or pork jerky) is a delicious snack for all ages during the new year. It can also be used as a small dish, dessert or sandwich stuffing. Meizhen dried meat will definitely make you salivate and not enjoy it.

tiger balm

A hundred years of tradition combined with modern innovation, tiger brand universal gold oil can effectively treat pain. The effect is well-known. It can relieve and treat all kinds of soreness and pain, with quick effect. It's suitable for parents and friends.

Animal plush toys

Singapore's most famous game is the night zoo. If you are an animal lover, the Singapore Zoo store at Changi Airport is definitely worth visiting. A variety of animal plush toys are vivid and lovely. Take them home and immerse yourself and your family in the rainforest atmosphere.

Laksa rice or chicken rice premix

Take home the delicious food of Singapore! If you don't want your family to go to Singapore in time, you should also let them taste authentic Singapore food. Then you can choose Laksa rice or chicken rice premix. In Singapore, you can enjoy the food from different cultures. Not only that, you can also bring home all kinds of delicacies in the food paradise, such as Laksa or chicken rice, which can be easily cooked in open bags.

Traditional Chinese rice-pudding

The dumplings in Singapore are very special. The full dumplings are wrapped in fragrant orchid leaves. Now they are not only the delicious food enjoyed by Dragon Boat Festival. The meat dumplings of Kim Choo & rsquo; s Nonya kitchen are delicious and sweet, which can't be missed. Buy some waiting houses. They are absolutely novel and delicious.

Orchid theme souvenir

Turn the traditional beauty of orchid into the eternal and precious gift. With the perfect combination of technology, art and nature, risis captures the natural charm of Singapore national flower and creates a luxurious 24K gold handicraft. This is a real gift with Singapore characteristics.

The above is the Singapore souvenir recommended by Xiaobian for you. Although the gift is small, it is affectionate. If you go to Singapore, what souvenir will you buy for your family and friends?