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Where is Dalian island? May 1st Dalian five islands

During the May 1st period of each year, southern cities are relatively hot. At this time, it is necessary to go to island tourism. When it comes to islands, many people will choose some islands in the South or abroad, but in fact, this season, the best choice is to go to the north. On the one hand, there are relatively few people on the northern islands; on the other hand, the northern climate of May Day is relatively fresh. So, Dalian has a resting island? Which island to Dalian on May 1?

Dalian Island summary:

Haxian Island

Ha Xian island is located in the north of the Yellow Sea, belonging to an administrative village of Dachangshan Island town, Changhai County, Dalian city. It is six nautical miles southwest of Dachangshan Island, opposite to seli island in the East and Guanglu island in the southwest. With a good economic foundation, ha Xian island is the only administrative village in Changhai County that has not completely implemented the reform of property right system. There are 1380 floating rafts for mariculture, mainly for the cultivation and processing of shrimps and scallops, bay scallops, Chlamys scallops, oysters and other varieties.

Canton deer island

Guanglu island is located in the west of the waiwaishan island in the north of the Yellow Sea. It is a national Island Forest Park and one of the scenic spots in Liaoning Province. It is the nearest island among the Changshan Islands and Dalian, known as "Dalian gateway". It is the largest island in the Changshan Islands. Guanglu island has fertile soil and abundant fresh water resources. It is the island with the most fresh water among many islands in Changhai County. The sea area of Guanglu island is vast and rich in specialties. There are all kinds of seafood, such as ginseng, shrimp, shellfish and algae. Especially, the specialty of the island, shrimps and scallops, is the best among scallops. It is also the favorite of guests from South Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia and Europe and the United States. Every year, it is a big exporter of foreign exchange.

Dachangshan Island

Dachangshan island is located in the middle of the Changshan Islands. The island has a winding Shanghai coast, a chain of bays, numerous natural and cultural landscapes, and countless wonderful legends. In recent years, the process of urbanization has been accelerated, the county and town have changed with each passing day, the rigid pavement has been continuously widened and lengthened, the sea garden has often changed colors, and the organic combination of the European style buildings in rows and the scenery of Northeast Asia has added infinite courage to the small city on the sea.

Zhang Zi Island

Zhangzi Island is rich in sea cucumbers, abalone, scallops and other sea treasures. It is the origin of the famous "Zhangzi Island sea cucumbers", known as the "seabed bank" and "Pearl of the Yellow Sea". Zhangzi Island has unique tourism conditions, marine monsoon climate, superior geographical location and beautiful natural environment. With the rapid development of the tourism industry, the tourism project of Zhangzi Island with island characteristics is continuously developed and excavated, and the tourism environment has been further improved. The number of tourists to the island has increased substantially, and the annual number of tourists to the island is more than 60000.

Cherry Island

Saili island is the southern barrier of dachangshan island and the sea fortress. It has a warm temperate monsoon climate with an annual average temperature of 9 ℃, and is foggy in spring and summer. Mainly fishery. Coastal twists and turns, more Bay, less beach. Produce sea cucumber and oyster. The cultivated land is 309 mu, and corn, sweet potato and cash crop cauliflower are planted. There is light water source and the water quality is good. There are ships to and from dachangshan island.

Melon skin island

Guapi island is dominated by fishery, and its seafood includes fish, shrimp, sea cucumber, oyster and silver needle fish. The island is surrounded by Dachangshan Island, xiaochangshan Island, Guanglu Island, etc. Like a string of pearls embedded in the deep yellow sea of China. In terms of development degree, guapi island is still in the stage of 'raising in the boudoir without knowing'. There is no trace of artificial carving in the natural scenery of the seaside. The soft beach distributed on the island is very suitable for the beach camping activities.