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Where can I take the Chongqing Yangtze River cableway? How can I get to the Yangtze River cableway b

Chongqing Yangtze River cableway is one of the tourist attractions in Chongqing, and it is also the best way to watch Chongqing night scenes at close range. In recent years, Yangtze River cableway has also become the location of many film and TV plays, so you must have a good experience when you come to Chongqing. Where is Chongqing Yangtze River cableway sitting? The friends who have not yet come to Chongqing certainly do not know this problem very well. Do you know how to take the Yangtze River cableway in Chongqing?

Where can I take the Yangtze River cableway in Chongqing

The most important thing to visit Chongqing is the night view at night. The night view in Chongqing is really beautiful. With the support of "Little Hong Kong", it's the best experience to take the Yangtze River cableway to watch the night view in Chongqing. The splendid Yuzhong Peninsula, the dazzling Binjiang Road, the sparkling Yangtze River water and the shining Cross River Bridge all reflect each other. Such an experience can only be seen in Chongqing Feel.

It's possible that friends from other places don't know where to take the Yangtze River cableway. Its specific address is No. 153, Xinhua Road, Yuzhong District, Chongqing. It is divided into Xinhua Road cableway station and Shangxin Street cableway station. Generally, tourists choose to take the subway line 1 and 6 to xiaoshizi station. The exit 5A or 5b is Xinhua Road cableway station. If you are in Jiefang monument, you can walk 10 times directly Minutes to the Yangtze River cableway.

If foreign tourists want to experience the Yangtze River cableway, they should also pay attention to the news on the official website before going. If they encounter the maintenance of cableway, it will not be open to the public. If the weather is bad, the cableway will not be open. Remember to pay attention before going.