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How to play the three-day tour in Chiang Mai, Thailand? Take the best route of the three-day tour in

Now we are going to have a four-day long vacation. If we want to choose a closer overseas tour, we believe that many people will choose to go to Thailand. There are many islands in Thailand, which are also tropical countries. They have a strong tropical flavor and are worth visiting. However, it's too much fun. You can't play it all the time in a holiday, so make a perfect strategy. So, how to play the three-day tour in Chiang Mai, Thailand? Thailand tourism Chinese embassies phone list.

Tourist route of Chiang Mai

Day 1 Classic Tour of ancient city

Scenic spot itinerary

1. Temples in the ancient city during the day (qidilong temple, Paxin temple, Qingman Temple) - sutieshan Shuanglong temple in the afternoon - ningman road in the evening

2. Temples in the ancient city during the day (qidilong temple, Paxin temple, Qingman Temple) - ningman road in the afternoon - Shuanglong temple in the evening

Itinerary features: several classic scenic spots in Chiang Mai will be completed at one time without regret.

Transportation mode: take Tutu bus to the ancient city

Day 2 one day tour for small people around

Scenic spot itinerary

1. One day tour of Alice's pond Cave: visit the paper umbrella craft Village (DIY experience) - go to the pond cave Resort - play in the scenic spot of "lost in Thailand" (you can make tea pillows by yourself) - coffee shop to rest afternoon tea-

Return to Chiang Mai

2. One day tour of Meilin Mengmeng mountain: play jungle roller coaster - see flower sea in Menglin mountain - Mountain panoramic resort lunch - Meilin shiliji queen Botanical Garden - Four Seasons Hotel afternoon tea - return to Chiang Mai

3. One day trip to yintanong mountain: zero distance animal feeding farm - Royal plan lunch - yintanon, the top of Chiang Mai - the twin towers of the sky garden and the queen of the emperor - refreshing Rainbow Waterfall - net red and green house afternoon tea - back to Chiang Mai

Itinerary features: travel around Chiang Mai to see the beautiful scenery of mountains and forests. The itinerary is easy and suitable for young and old.

Mode of transportation: self driving or chartered

Day 3 local experience + spa, night market

Tour: Jungle leap / Thai food / elephant camp / air flight -SPA- night market

Itinerary features: experience the popular tourism project in Chiang Mai, sigh the authentic Thai spa, and visit the night market in the evening, which has both Thai style and leisure.

Mode of transportation: the four projects and Spa registration include hotel transfer. The specific transfer range of each is different. It is better to confirm whether the living hotel is within the range when booking. How to ensure the safety of Thailand tourism? The phone number of Chinese embassies in Thailand should not be forgotten

5. Precautions for tourism safety information in Thailand

Chinese Embassy in Thailand

Address: No.57, racgadapisek Road, Bangkok

Tel.: + 66-02-2450088

Consular protection Tel.: + 66-854833327 (24-hour mobile phone), + 66-02-2457010 (9:00-17:00 on weekdays)

Consulate General of China in Chiang Mai

111 changloh Road, Haiya District, Chiangmai

Tel.: + 66-53-280380, + 66-53-276125, + 66-53-276457

Consulate General of China in songka (near Phuket, Samui and Kami)

Address: 9 sadao Road, Songkhla

Tel.: + 66-74-322034

Consular protection Tel.: + 66-817665560

Consulate General of China in songka Office of Consulate General in Phuket

Tel.: + 66-76-304219

Consular protection Tel.: + 66-945956168 (Chinese, Thai), + 66-945986859 (Chinese)

Consulate General of China in Kong Jing

Address: 142 / 44 MoO 2, rob bueng Rd., Nai Muang, Muang, Khon Kaen

Tel.: + 66-43-226873