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What are the interesting places in Dalian? Inventory of the top ten must play attractions in Dalian

Dalian is located at the south end of Liaodong Peninsula. It is an important coastal trade city in China, known as the "romantic capital". So, what are the interesting places in Dalian with the "romantic capital"?

Dalian has 1906 kilometers of coastline, gold beach, silver beach, sea and sky into one. The 42.5km long Binhai Road connects many of Dalian's natural beauty. Countless scenic spots for enjoying and playing the sea are the best business cards of the city. The diverse exotic street with countless century old European buildings in Zhongshan square makes the city quite exotic. The old trams still running on the street are slowly passing through the urban area, connecting numerous landmark squares, but also symbolizing the brand of an era. Let's take stock of the top ten tourist attractions in Dalian.

1、 Bangchui Island

Bangchui island is located in the east end of Dalian city. It has the clearest sea water and the cleanest beach in Dalian city. The coastal scenery is also quite charming. It is a famous leisure resort. The main scenic spots include Bangchui island beach, hotel villa area and Bangchui island isolated from the sea. Chairman Mao's inscription "Bangchui island" can be seen at the entrance of the beach. A small isolated island stands in the sea more than 400 meters away from the beach, which looks like a farmer's Bangchui used to pound clothes from a distance. Hence the name "Bangchui island". Bangchui island beach is not very big, but the sea water is very clear. It's very comfortable to take a walk, bask in the sun, or pick up shells and pebbles on the beach. But unlike the South Beach, the sand here is rough, mixed with a lot of stones and shell fragments. Walking barefoot can hurt your feet.

2、 Fisherman's Wharf

Fisherman's Wharf is located in Hutan fishing port on the east side of Dalian Tiger beach marine park. It has beautiful scenery and a very artistic environment. The cultural concept of fisherman's Wharf originated from Europe and the United States. On one side, there are many colorful European buildings. On the other side, there is a harbor where fishing boats are parked, which is full of strong European customs. The coastline of fisherman's Wharf is about 1.7km long. There are beaches in the West and southeast corner. There is a long trestle extending to the sea in the south. The harbor is often full of fishing boats and yachts. The scenery is very charming, attracting many tourists for walking and photography, as well as new people for wedding photos.

3、 Tiger Beach Ocean Park

Tiger beach marine park is located in the middle of the south coast of Dalian city. It is the largest modern seaside playground in China. It is not only a world of marine animals and birds, but also a seaside resort. The natural scenery in the park is beautiful, with mountains and sea reflecting each other and charming scenery. Here, you can watch the performances brought by white whales, sea lions, dolphins, walruses, etc. you can also go to the aquarium to learn about the lives of sea dogs and seals, see the cute penguins, and go to the coral aquarium to enjoy the colorful underwater world. Here is the longest cross sea aerial ropeway in China. You can enjoy the panoramic view of tiger beach by taking the ropeway. There are also marine sightseeing yachts, root carving art museum, four-dimensional cinema and other projects in the park, as well as many thrilling and exciting amusement facilities, such as Jurassic torrent exploration, pirate ship, bungee jumping, speed drop and so on.

4、 Binhai Road, Dalian

Binhai Road is the general name of Binhai North Road, East Road, middle road and West Road. It is located in the East and south coast of Dalian city. On this 30 kilometer long coastal road, there are lush mountains in the north, blue sea and various reef islands in the south. It is an excellent hiking and photography resort. Binhai Road has fresh air, winding roads, bridges, view plank road, beaches, green land and other landscapes. It is the most beautiful scenic spot on Binhai Road, which is most suitable for hiking and photography. It is also the 'lover's road' that local lovers love to visit.

5、 Dalian Forest Zoo

Dalian Forest Zoo is located in Baiyun Mountain Scenic Area in the south of the city. It is close to the mountain and the sea. In the park, you can not only see birds, birds, reptiles and other animals raised in the inner circle of the museum, but also see all kinds of wild animals, large herbivores and other animals, and you can also have close contact with lovely and docile alpacas and other animals. There are many interesting animal performances in the zoo, such as flying wild geese, Asian elephant performance, seal performance, black bear boxing and chimpanzee humorous performance. There is also a tropical rainforest Museum in the park, which has four scenic spots: tropical rainforest, desert landscape, tropical fruits and trees, human and nature. More than 100 kinds of tropical rainforest plants can be seen.

6、 Xinghai Square

Xinghai Square is located in the south coast of Dalian city. It is the landmark of Dalian city. The square area is larger than two Tian'anmen Square. Here not only has the beautiful sea view and the charming night view, here's Lighthouse, the sculpture, the seawall even the surrounding high-rise buildings are the perfect background for taking photos. The whole square is oval, running through the green grass on both sides of the Central Avenue in the north and south of the square, and the navigation signs and stone pillars line up to the sea. The marble in the center of the square is engraved with the heavenly stems and earthly branches, 24 solar terms and 12 Chinese zodiac. There is a long relief of thousands of people's footprints on the south end of the square.

7、 Sea world of Saint Asia

Dalian Shengya ocean world is located in Xinghai Bay, Shahekou District, Dalian city. It is famous for its wonderful marine animal performance and 118 meter long sea passage. There are many peculiar fishes, corals and polar animals in the museum, and the combination of high-tech to imitate the undersea and polar situation makes tourists immerse themselves in it. It is a veritable undersea and polar paradise. There are five pavilions in the sea world of Sanya, including the sea world, polar world, coral world, deep sea legend and dinosaur legend. Each pavilion has a unique theme. Among them, the ocean world and the polar world are larger. The focus of the ocean world is the undersea passage and the performance of "dream dolphin bay". The polar world simulates the polar climate setting. The museum watches the walruses, seals, belugas, polar bears, snow wolves, penguins, etc. in the North and south polar regions.

8、 Discovery Kingdom Theme Park

Discovery Kingdom theme park is located in Jinshitan national tourist resort, Dalian. It is a theme park built around the lake. The park has many large-scale entertainment facilities, as well as wonderful live reality shows and floats, as well as fireworks shows at night. The park is divided into 'crazy town', 'mysterious desert', 'metal factory', 'magic forest', 'legendary castle', 'wedding hall' and 'American Avenue' seven theme areas, which are distributed around the lake. The famous and thrilling roller coasters in the park are the crazy Cobra roller coaster in the 'mysterious desert' area and the heaven and earth roller coaster in the 'magic forest' area.

9、 Ten mile Gold Coast

Shili Gold Coast is located in the middle of Dalian Jinshitan national tourist resort, stretching for nearly five kilometers, and is the largest natural bathing beach in Northeast China. This is the main seashore leisure area of Jinshitan resort. The beach is golden and soft with good water quality. Every summer, it is a resort for swimming and experiencing water projects. The biggest feature of the ten mile Gold Coast is the wide and long beach. Even in the peak tourist season, it will not be as crowded as other beaches. People can take a rest or walk on this beach, or go swimming in the sea, or experience such entertainment items as motorboat, beach motor, sail board, beach volleyball, beach football, etc.

10、 Binhai National Geopark

Binhai National Geopark is located on the coast of Dalian Jinshitan national tourist resort. The reefs here are carved into various natural works of art by nature. Some of these boulders look like stone monkeys, some of them look like giant rocs, and some of them look like Beethoven's head. Most of them are located on the coast, which is also an excellent photography location. The core scenic area of the Geopark mainly includes dinosaur garden, nanxiu garden and Aotan garden. It takes more than three hours to walk all the way. If you have enough time and physical strength, you can also visit rose garden, stone garden and geological museum.