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What is the best travel time in Shangri La? The best travel time to enjoy the scenery

Shangri la is rich in scenery, with a lot of plateau beauty, snow mountains, temples, ancient cities, forests, etc. and a strong religious atmosphere. It's a good place to feel the plateau scenery. Before you go, you must know the best travel time of Shangri La in advance. You can see the most beautiful scenery only when you go at the most appropriate time. So, what's the best time to travel in Shangri La?

The best travel time of Shangri La is basically what many tourists want to know. The scenery of Shangri La is mainly plateau scenery, supplemented by national customs. The scenery of the four seasons is different. The scenery of the four seasons is very charming. You can see the unique beauty of the season no matter what season you go to, maybe there is no most suitable one Season.

Best travel time in Shangri La

May June: at the end of spring and the beginning of summer, Shangri La is the most beautiful. From the end of May to the beginning of June, it is mainly Rhododendron sea (but the time may be delayed with the change of weather). In the middle of June, there is a sea of wild flowers, such as iris and iris.

July August: the Tiger Leaping Gorge is the most magnificent, which is also the best viewing time. The wild flowers on the grassland are blooming, very beautiful.

September October: it's autumn. It's rich in color and full of poisonous flowers. At this time, the scenery is also beautiful and suitable for photography.

November to December: it snows in November, with single color and cold weather. In December, we mainly watch the snow scenery, just as Meili Snow Mountain 'Rizhao Golden Mountain' enters the best viewing time, and we can also watch the black necked Crane.

If you have to say the best season for Shangri La tourism, it's better to recommend spring and summer. Especially in spring, the temperature is relatively comfortable. You can feel the strong spring flavor when you go out cold or not hot.