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Which season is the best for Shangri La tourism? Shangri la tourist attractions

Shangri la is also a famous and popular tourist attraction in the past two years. At the same time, we all know that Shangri La is a very beautiful place. Some people call it a paradise on earth. Here you can see large and small lawns, snow capped mountains and quiet lakes. Many people are intoxicated by its scenery. So is it better to go to Shangri La in winter or in summer? Where is the best place to travel?

Is Shangri La better to go in winter or in summer

In fact, the most suitable time to go to Shangri La is from May to October. At this time, Shangri La is a green area, and gesanghua is also in bloom. In addition to gesanghua, there are azalea, big and small iris and other flowers. At a glance, they are full of artistic conception and suffocating. But if you like snow, it's the most suitable place to come here in winter. It's cold in winter, but it's a piece of snow You can also see the black necked Crane. The scenery is very beautiful.

Shangri la tourism recommendation

Meri Snow Mountain

Meili Snow Mountain is the most popular one among Shangri La mountains. The best time to come here is in winter and spring. At this time, the weather is particularly fresh and the scenery is particularly beautiful. At the same time, it is a steep white snow peak in the valley and one of the eight sacred mountains in the Tibetan area. "Rizhao Jinshan" is a rare sight for many backpackers. It is also one of the destinations for outdoor enthusiasts and photography enthusiasts. And it hasn't been topped yet.

Pudacuo National Park

Pudacuo National Park is one of the most distinctive scenic spots in Shangri La, where the green grassland and lake water connect, which is a great place for people to relax their mind. The park has beautiful scenery and well preserved original ecological environment, including mirror like alpine lakes, beautiful pastures with plenty of water and grass, as well as blooming wetlands with hundreds of flowers and dense original forests. Every year, spring and autumn are the time to visit Pudacuo. In spring, the hillside is covered with azaleas of various colors. In autumn, Pudacuo is a colorful scene.

The Songzanlin monastery

Songzanlin temple is a place for tourists who like famous culture. It has the most beautiful scenery in spring and autumn and the reputation of "little potala palace". Songzanlin temple not only has beautiful buildings, but also has many religious artifacts and precious cultural relics. Among them, there are eight Buddha statues of Sakya in gold, palm leaf Scripture, five color gold juice fine drawing Thangka, gold lamp and ten scriptures of danjul in the period of the fifth Dalai and the seventh Dalai. Two of them are gold juice calligraphy, which are extremely precious. However, a lot of treasures are not easy to show and can't be seen. It depends on one's luck. However, on the third floor of ZHACANG hall, a living Buddha's Scripture room is hung with a picture of "Meili Snow Mountain, sun and moon shining together". It was taken by a photographer in the 1980s. It's very precious and strange. If you are interested, you can watch it.

The beauty of Shangri La has been recognized by the majority of tourists. That's where Shangri La's tourism recommendation comes from. Make sure the time is right, and start as soon as you have a good strategy.