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Do you want tickets for Nanjing Zhongshan Mausoleum? The best tourist route of Nanjing Zhongshan Mau

Zhongshan Mausoleum is a very famous tourist attraction in Nanjing. It is the mausoleum of Dr. Sun Yat-sen. all the friends who visit Nanjing will come here to visit Mr. Sun Yat-sen. the whole mausoleum is solemn and simple, especially the architecture integrates the styles of China and the West. Don't be innovative. Many people want to ask, does Nanjing Zhongshan Mausoleum need tickets? What's the best way to visit Zhongshan Mausoleum?

Do you need tickets for Nanjing Zhongshan Mausoleum

The gate of Zhongshan Mausoleum is free of charge, but there are some scenic spots in the scenic spot that need to be visited by buying tickets, such as music platform, Linggu Temple, Meiling palace, Mingxiaoling mausoleum, Meihua Mountain, etc. if you have enough time or are interested in these scenic spots, you can buy a 90 yuan package ticket. These scenic spots need a day to visit. Spring and autumn are the best tourist seasons in Nanjing. You can go there in spring Looking at the cherry blossom in Xiaoling of Ming Dynasty, he immediately found the model of the Republic of China in Nanjing. In autumn, he went to Zhongshan Mausoleum to win the laurel and seek the title of the golden list.

The best way to visit Zhongshan Mausoleum

Boulevard - Xingjian Pavilion - memorial archway - lingmen - Beiting - sacrificial Hall - yongmulu - Zhizheng Pavilion - Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall - Yangzhi Pavilion - Liuhui Pavilion - Music Platform

Zhongshan Mausoleum is built according to the mountain trend, and gradually rises along the central axis from south to north. The main buildings are fraternity square, tomb path, tomb gate, stone steps, tablet Pavilion, sacrificial hall and tomb chamber, which are arranged on a central axis, reflecting the style of traditional Chinese architecture. Climb up the top of Zhongshan Mausoleum along the long stone step tomb path, and pay homage to the statue of Sun Yat-sen, a great man of a generation.

Zhongshan Mausoleum is a 5A tourist attraction free of charge. If you only visit Zhongshan Mausoleum, you don't need a ticket. But if you want to visit other scenic spots, you need to buy a ticket. A tour route editor also told you that friends in need can be used as a reference.