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Where is Laojunshan? How much is the ticket?

Laojunshan scenic spot is located in the east of Luanchuan County, Henan Province, with an area of 2666 hectares. It is Funiu Mountain World Geopark, national AAAAA level scenic spot, National Nature Reserve, provincial scenic spot and provincial cultural relics protection unit. So, what are the card punching resorts in Laojunshan? How much is the ticket for Laojunshan?

Zhongtian gate

Laojunshan, the ancient Jingshi mountain, is named after Laozi, the founder of Taoism in the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, who came to practice in seclusion. It is the main peak of 800 Li Funiu Mountain, with an altitude of 2217 meters. Laojunshan was formed in the continental orogeny of 1.9 billion years ago, which created a landscape of various shapes, competing peaks, spreading the land to the sky, and majestic. It also shaped the theme image of "Chinese green heart, world geological wonders".

Beautiful picture scroll of Laojunshan

Laojunshan temple has a long history and Taoist culture. Since the establishment of Laojunshan temple in the Northern Wei Dynasty, it has become the pilgrimage center of the Central Plains. In the 19th year of the Wanli reign of the Ming Dynasty, Laojunshan Taoist Scripture was awarded as the "world famous mountain". Lingguan temple, linvinegar temple, Jiuku temple, Laojun temple, daodefu temple and other temple communities have been built, and there are many cultural relics and historic sites.

It is an ideal destination for military history tourism, pilgrimage, leisure, scientific exploration, animal and plant appreciation.

Ticket information

① Admission 80 yuan / person

② Zhongling cableway fare: 100 yuan per round trip; 60 yuan per single trip; 45 yuan per single trip

③ Free admission for children under 1.3m, and free admission for people over 70 with valid certificates

④ Disabled, 60-70 year old and students with valid certificates enjoy half price discount