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Where is Dalian tourism going? Dalian tourist attractions

Dalian is a coastal city surrounded by the sea on three sides, and also a city with a story. Perhaps many little friends have never known that it was reduced to a colony for nearly half a century in the past war. Now in Dalian, they can also see some historical traces. Do you want to visit Dalian? Do you want to know what Dalian's tourist attractions are?

Jinshitan Resort

Because Dalian is a city that is contained by water, you must visit its seascape when you come to Dalian for tourism. Jinshitan resort is one of the best scenic spots to enjoy the charming seascape of Dalian. You can enjoy the unique scenery of Dalian here, and the transportation here is very convenient. You can go there directly by fast rail, which is very worth visiting.

Bang Island

Apart from Jinshitan, Bangchui island is also a good place to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Dalian. It is known as the best beach in Dalian. Both sand and sea water are recognized as the best in Dalian. Many local and foreign people like to come here for leisure and vacation, even to hold weddings here. Meanwhile, Bangchui Island, which is set off by the red clouds, is also the best choice for photographers Love is worth seeing.

Xinghai Square

If you feel tired of staying at the seaside of Dalian, you can choose to go to Xinghai Square in Dalian City, which is one of the most representative scenic spots in Dalian. Its area is larger than two Tian'anmen Square. It's amazing to see such a big square for the first time. Moreover, it's also one of the best places to enjoy the night view of Dalian. At the same time, there's an artificial beach It's free for tourists. There are many little friends here in summer.

Tiger Beach Ocean Park

Tiger Beach Ocean Park is located in Zhongshan District of Dalian, where you can enjoy many creatures in the ocean and the performances they bring. It is very suitable for bringing children here to play. There are also many thrilling and exciting entertainment facilities for tourists and friends to play, so that people can enjoy themselves here.

Some of Dalian's tourist attractions are introduced here for my friends. If you want to know more about Dalian's scenery, you'd better go to Dalian to experience it in person.