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What are the specialties of Mianchi in Henan Province? Check the special products suitable for deliv

Each local specialty is closely related to the local climate and environment, so it is different. So every time you travel to a city, you may as well take some local specialties to send friends or family. What I'm going to introduce next is the famous specialty in minchi, Henan Province. How much do you know about the specialty here?

1. Yangshao apricot

Apricot is a very delicious fruit. Many people like it. This is the Yangshao apricot in Mianchi. The climate is suitable, the sun is abundant, and the soil is fertile. It's the best place to plant this kind of apricot. It's big, thick, juicy and delicious. It's very popular with consumers in the market. And its own nutrition is also very rich, regular food can also prevent cardiovascular disease, its expectorant cough, Runchang defecate effect is also very good. It is also used in the market to make preserves, cans, etc., which are very popular.

2. Yangshaogongmi

Rice is a staple food we often eat, which can be eaten almost every meal, so it is necessary to choose delicious and delicious rice. This is the Yangshao Gongmi in the Mianchi lake. It used to be a tribute to the imperial court. It has a long history and good quality. Its grain is full and even, the color is pure and transparent, the steamed rice is soft and delicious, the fragrance is overflowing, especially delicious, and it is also nutritious. It is very good to send people, eat by yourself, and entertain guests!

3. Yangshao niuxin persimmon

Persimmon is also a very delicious fruit, but its preservation period is not very long, so there are more persimmon cakes on the market. Here is the Yangshao niuxin persimmon in Mianchi. It used to be a tribute to the imperial court. It's big, thin skin, thick meat and juicy. The persimmon cake made of it is even more soft, sweet and delicious. Moreover, it is also nutritious and has good effects in clearing away heat, moistening lungs, activating blood circulation and relieving alcohol.

4. Yangshao wine

Wine is a very popular drink. It is necessary for parties and banquets. This is Yangshao liquor, a famous local specialty liquor with a long history, which is of high quality and is the best choice for parties and banquets. Its liquor is clear and bright, with strong fragrance, delicate taste, long aftertaste, and a little apple fragrance. It's very good to send people and entertain guests.