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What is Yangzhou's most famous specialty? Yangzhou fire which best to eat?

Yangzhou is also a very popular tourist city. The beautiful scenery of Yangzhou can be said to be unforgettable, and the delicious food of Yangzhou is also good. Yangzhou pancakes are famous all over the country. Yangzhou pancakes have their own unique flavor. But now there are not as many delicious pancakes as before, but they still represent the characteristics of Yangzhou. What kind of pancakes are delicious in Yangzhou?

Clay oven rolls

Grass oven pancakes are very famous Yangzhou pancakes. Many people know that, so many people will eat them when they go there. The biggest characteristic of straw oven is to use wheat straw as fuel, which is the most traditional way. In addition, the ancient vertical oven is used for baking, with golden color, crispy, sweet and crisp flavor, and ready to melt into soup. In Yangzhou, there are very few shops for straw oven to burn cakes, and the taste is good if you can be late.

Huizhou cake

Huizhou food is quite popular in Yangzhou, among which the famous one is this Huizhou cake. Huizhou cake is a traditional snack in Huizhou area of Anhui Province. It is also popular in Yangzhou. This kind of snack was originally called jujube cake. It has a history of hundreds of years. Huizhou cake is sold in many small stalls, with exquisite practices and crisp taste.

Destroy by fire

What kind of pancakes are delicious in Yangzhou? When you come to Yangzhou, you must taste them. In fact, there are many delicious ones in Yangzhou. There will be fire stalls in many alleys. Knead the butter into the dough, beat it repeatedly on the chopping board, wrap it in lard and scallion, press it into the shape of pancakes, and put it into the pot. The taste of the fire is crisp outside and tender inside. The lard and onion taste full, fragrant and greasy. Many people like it.

Crisp head order

As long as they are old Yangzhou people, they almost all know that sou tou Ling is a kind of old Yangzhou baked cake and a local traditional snack. There are two kinds of tastes, salty and sweet. It tastes soft and delicious. The method of crispy head making is simple. Buckle the dough in a bowl in a pan, spread it flat, pour oil, turn over the dough constantly, fry it into golden yellow, sweet and delicious.

Clay oven rolls

Rotten noodles and pancakes are very special. In fact, they are made of rotten noodles. They are mixed with fillings such as shepherd's purse and shredded radish. They are fried in the pan and then they are ready to be cooked in cash. It's very soft. The old and children like it very much. It's definitely one of the delicious pancakes in Yangzhou. But now, there are very few places for them to eat. There's a Huang Ma manual workshop for you to try.

Clay oven rolls

Yangzhou's casseroles still have many, but to find delicious ones, we still have to work hard to find them. You can ask the local people, especially those stalls and small shops, the taste is often better than you think. There are many flavors of casseroles, such as onion oil, dried plum, tenderloin, etc. the casserole with onion flavor is the most classic flavor, so we must eat it It's crispy.

What kind of pancakes are delicious in Yangzhou? All the above are well-known traditional Yangzhou delicacies, which are affordable and represent the unique local flavor.