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Where is Pu'er tourism going? Check the most popular tourist attractions in Pu'er

Speaking of Pu'er, I think most of you will think of Pu'er tea as your first reaction. Yunnan Pu'er is indeed the famous tea capital in China, and the name of Pu'er also comes from tea. Do you want to know about this Pu'er tea capital? Where is Pu'er better to visit?

Pu'er tourism strategy

Tea Horse Road

The ancient tea horse road is located in a minority county of Pu'er City. It's a tourist attraction where the friends who come to Pu'er must punch in their cards. It's an important trade channel in ancient China. It has a profound historical accumulation and cultural heritage. Tourists can experience the scene of the ancient road riding and the local customs of Pu'er on horseback. Friends can go to the local regular travel agency to ride on horseback and play on the ancient road. The scenery is beautiful all the way, so it's very good to take photos.

Meng Suo Longtan

Mengsuolongtan is located in Ximeng County, Pu'er City. It is a famous 4A tourist scenic spot in China. It is full of the original ecological scenery. The original forest around the lake is green and beautiful. There are many precious plants and rare wild animals in the forest. It is said that mengsuo Longtan is connected with Myanmar's "Nongqu" Longtan water vein outside the country. The lake water of the two places is clear and turbid before and after the Wa People's wooden drum festival every year for no reason. People think that the spectacle of clear and turbid together is the meeting of Longtan of the two places.

Tropic of cancer logo Park

The Tropic of cancer logo park is located in a few famous ethnic counties in Pu'er City. The Tropic of cancer passes through the county seat, where you can learn a lot about astronomy, geography, plants and other cultural knowledge. While traveling, you can also increase your knowledge. Along the Tropic of cancer, you can roam around the park along the mountains. Here, the roads are winding, the trees are green, the cicadas are singing, the birds are singing, and there are tea rooms in the park , children's entertainment place, rest Pavilion, catering department, small commodity market, comprehensive service department, etc.

Meizi Lake Park

Meizi Lake Park is located in Meizi Township, Simao District, Pu'er City. Although it is still an artificial lake, the scenery does not need to be natural. White clouds are reflected on the lake, which is particularly charming. Moreover, the park has a beautiful and quiet environment. There are welcome tower and Wangcheng Pavilion, which can be seen from the top of the pavilion. Meizi Lake has green mountains like Dai, blue waves, green mountains and pavilions reflecting the water, mountains and pines fluctuating with the wind, The cruise ship is like a butterfly, shuttling through the lake. There are often thousands of egrets and ducks perching in the lake, adding infinite elegance to Meizi Lake.

Pu'er tourism strategy will be introduced to you. If you have a small partner who is going to visit Pu'er, you can refer to these tourist attractions introduced to you by the above section.