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Selected tourist attractions of Danba, the most hidden city in Sichuan

Danba is a fairyland hidden in Sichuan Province. Many photographers admire the beautiful scenery of the four seasons here. They come here thousands of miles away just to take the most beautiful moment. In recent years, Danba has also become a place many donkey friends yearn for. So, what are the suitable places for tourism in Danba? Recommended tourist attractions in Danba?

Jia Ju Zang Zhai

The most famous scenic spot in Danba must be Jiaju Tibetan village. This place, known as "the most beautiful village in China", is also a little famous now. The natural scenery here is excellent, especially the Tibetan houses with gorgeous colors scattered on the hillside are the biggest bright spot. Standing on the hillside opposite the village, the visual effect is stronger, and it is also the best shooting site. There are also Which viewing platform can enjoy the beautiful scenery from different angles? After watching the beautiful scenery, you can go to Tibetan homes to experience Tibetan customs. They are very hospitable.


This place has not been developed yet, so few people know it now. However, the scenery here is quite simple and natural. Especially when you come here in October in autumn, you will be fascinated by the beautiful scenery like oil painting. There are not only gorgeous and colorful plateau scenery, but also magnificent snow mountains and clear lakes. Only when you go, can you know that its beauty is so shocking. It's not old party age The traffic is not very good. Many people go by themselves or on foot, so it's also known as the

One of the most classic hiking routes in Sichuan.

Moss card

The residents of Mosca village live a poetic rural life here. The tourists here say that it is an isolated place. There are too many natural sceneries here, such as snow mountains, grasslands, forests & hellip; & hellip; there are many here. Remember to visit the colorful and unique Golden Dragon Temple, which is a place for Tibetan people to practice devoutly, and of course lovely To the exploding groundhog, it can be fed, stroked and photographed.

Shuttle slope watchtower

Suopo watchtower has a history of thousands of years, and it has the reputation of "the country of thousands of watchtowers". There are about 84 watchtowers here, which is the most concentrated place of ancient watchtowers in China. The only Pentagon watchtower in the world is also here, which is of great ornamental value. When the weather is fine, the watchtower is against the blue sky and white clouds. The ancient watchtower stands tall and straight in the sky, which is very interesting compared with the Tibetan house between the farmland The scenery is most beautiful at dusk.

Eight Mei Zhen

To see the most beautiful side of Bamei Town, you are recommended to go there from May to July. At that time, wild flowers will bloom everywhere. This kind of natural beauty is really beautiful. The three most famous scenic spots in Bamei town are: Bamei earth stone forest, Huiyuan temple and Yala Shenshan. You can't miss the trip. Although Bamei town is a small and ordinary town, its original ecological beauty will shock your mind!

Let's recommend these famous scenic spots in Danba. These scenic spots are hot spots. As long as the time is right, the scenery will never make you regret. Besides the above recommendations, you can go to beauty Valley, middle road Tibetan village, East Valley and other places with extra time.