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Where is it better to travel in May? Recommended places to visit in May

May is a sunny and breezy month. It happens that may day holiday is also in this month. You can use may day holiday to arrange a perfect trip for yourself. May is also a very suitable month to go out for sightseeing. Where is the best place to go in May?

Where to travel in May

Gong Yu

This place is definitely a paradise for hikers. Generally speaking, it is known that there are some donkeys or outdoor enthusiasts here. It is a very small tourist attraction. Today's Gongyu still retains its original ecological environment, known as "Shangri La in the south of the Yangtze River". Climbing on the Gongyu rock back in the south of Gongyu village, the whole scenery of Gongyu mountain can be seen.

Green River Village

The natural scenery of lvjiang village is very charming, and there are many photographers here. It's called "the oxygen bar of nature". It's a very suitable place for self driving tour. The mountain road twists and turns. The scenery at the intersection of the two rivers is beautiful. You can live here for one night and enjoy the sunset and sunrise here. It's very charming, and it's absolutely a rare paradise.

Nanji Island

There are many islands in Zhejiang. Each island has its own characteristics. The sea view of Nanji Island is very charming. There are clear water, fine sand, delicious seafood and beautiful scenery. From May, the water of Nanji Island is the clearest, just like a pure pearl. Nanji Island three plate tail also sits on a big lawn, walking on both sides of the lawn is the blue sea.

Immortal residence

If you want to find a place close to the nature, come to the immortal house. It's a relatively small leisure resort. There are mountains, rivers, cliffs, caves and rocks. It's like a bonsai built by the immortal for himself, so it's called "immortal house". June to August is the best time to travel. This time is the rainy season. You can see the magnificent waterfall.

Are you still struggling about where to travel in May? In fact, so many tourist attractions can be any one, but Xiaobian still thinks it's better to choose some minority destinations for legal holidays, at least the traffic is not large.