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What are the specialties of Hanzhong? Hanzhong specialty food summary

Hanzhong is also a popular tourist city. This city not only has a relatively developed tourism industry, but also food is an indispensable part of Hanzhong. What we are familiar with is Hanzhong noodle, which almost everyone likes to eat. It tastes spicy and tastes rich. What do you know about Hanzhong food in Shaanxi?

Hanzhong food strategy

Hanzhoung face

We all like Hanzhong noodles. Cold noodles are not only a delicacy in Hanzhong, but also the most representative Shaanxi flavor. Hanzhong noodle skin has a long history. It is said that it began in the Qin and Han Dynasties. The method of Hanzhong noodle skin is exquisite. After rice is soaked, it is ground into rice milk, steamed into thin skin, smeared with rapeseed oil, cut into strips, mixed with various seasonings. The side dishes are relatively rich. There are bean sprouts, potato shreds, celery, spinach, etc. it has rich taste, spicy and palatable. It can be cold mixed or stewed.


It's also called "sliced skin". It's a real Hanzhong food. In summer, many people will eat it. You can see it on the street or in the restaurant. The authentic powder is made from fern root powder, which is made of powder and bright color. Most of them are cold mixed with vegetables, then transferred to salt, vinegar, soy sauce, mustard, Jiang Suanzhi, chili oil and so on. The taste is refreshing, sour, spicy and fragrant, and is very popular.

Red bean curd

Guanhong tofu is a traditional delicacy with distinctive features. It uses high-quality soybeans as raw materials. It is made with sour water, pressed and cut into one inch size. It is fermented at normal temperature. Salt, pepper, cinnamon and other seasonings are added. After soaking, it is dried. Then, Qu wine and chili sauce are increased, mixed and sealed. Guanhong tofu is ruddy in color, soft and delicate in taste, mellow in taste, especially suitable for eating.

Vegetable tofu

Vegetable tofu is also a special snack for you. Many restaurants can order a dish, also known as vegetable tofu porridge. Vegetable tofu is also one of the four snacks in Hanzhong. Vegetable tofu has a long history. Many Hanzhong people will take this dish to entertain guests. Vegetable tofu tastes fresh, no greasy feeling, but it's not easy to make, fresh and delicious.

Slurry surface

The pulping surface tastes hot and sour, with a light fragrance. It's a special Chinese delicacy. The side dishes of the pulping vegetables are generally mustard and cabbage. The pulping noodles are usually made by hand rolling. The noodles have wide leaves, long strips and thin slices. When they are cooked, they are put into a bowl, mixed with the hogwash of the pulping vegetables, and then poured with chili oil. The pulping surface is ready. The vegetables are red, white and yellow It has the effect of appetizing.

Xixiang beef jerky

Xixiang beef jerky is a kind of halal food with traditional flavor, which is said to have a history of hundreds of years. It is the most famous in Xixiang. Now the technology is constantly innovating and it has become a local famous property. Xixiang beef jerky is a special snack that many people will buy when they come to the local area. It has unique flavor, ruddy color, tender taste, reddish brown or coffee color, peach color of refined meat, rich fragrance, crispy but not soft, suitable for saltiness, and healthy nutrition.

Xixiang Songhua egg

Xixiang Songhua egg is a traditional snack with unique flavor in Xixiang County of Hanzhong, which can be called one of the 'top scholars' of Songhua egg. Xixiang Songhua egg is a local characteristic. The egg body is separated from the shell and the shell is peeled off. It is crystal clear, oily and elastic. There are crystal pine patterns on the outside. You can eat it cold or with other dishes.

This is the Hanzhong food strategy introduced for you. It is the most popular delicacy in Hanzhong. Many people know that when you come to Hanzhong, you must taste it.