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What is the cause of the crash of the Japanese f35a? How many people were killed in the accident?

An f-35a fighter jet of Japan's Air Self Defense Force disappeared from radar off the coast of Aomori County on the night of April 9, NHK reported. According to the air self defense force, the air force has found a part of the wreckage of the body in the nearby sea area, and announced that the fighter plane had crashed. At present, no pilots of the crashed aircraft have been found. The self defense forces continue to send aircraft and ships to search.

According to the air self defense force, the f35a, whose fuselage disappeared from the radar, is the first F-35 assembled in Japan at the Mitsubishi Heavy Industry Factory in Aichi county.

An f-35a fighter plane flying from sanze base disappeared from ground radar at 19:27 local time at about 135 kilometers east of sanze City, Qingsen County, according to, and ground air traffic control lost contact with it, which is suspected of crash.

The plane took off at about 7 o'clock to perform night training tasks at the same time as the other three planes, and the air force is still confirming the details in an emergency. Haizi and Haibao have sent warships to search and rescue.

On March 26 this year, Japan just set up the first full f-35a actual combat force 302 flight team at sanze base, which is currently equipped with 13 aircraft. The first 42 f-35as in Japan will all be deployed at the base, and the 14th one just left the factory for test flight at the beginning of this month.