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What's the best month to visit Dunhuang? A list of the best tourist routes in Dunhuang

Now when it comes to Dunhuang, the first thing people think about is the landmark of Dunhuang, the Mogao Grottoes of Dunhuang. When they think about Dunhuang, a lot of people will come up with the scene of "the desert is lonely and smoke is straight" in their mind. There is a strong western region style and a deep history hidden here. This place must go once in their life. Then, when will Dunhuang go most OK? Dunhuang is the best tourist attraction.

When is the best time to go to Dunhuang

Dunhuang is located at the westernmost end of the Hexi corridor. It is a famous city on the ancient Silk Road. The Mogao Grottoes in the history are called 'art galleries in the desert' and 'spiritual oasis of art and belief'. It is the biggest reason for most tourists to visit Dunhuang. It is suitable from September to October to go to Dunhuang. At this time, the weather is dry, the temperature is suitable, and the sky is clear and golden Populus euphratica contrast, the color is particularly good-looking.

If you want to travel, you can arrange two days to visit. On the first day, you can go to the east line, Mogao Grottoes in the morning, Mingsha mountain in the afternoon, and Shazhou night market in the evening to find food and souvenirs. On the second day, you can go to the west line, Dunhuang ancient city film and Television City, xiqianfo cave, heyumen pass, great wall site of Han Dynasty, Yadan National Geopark and other places. In this way, you can arrange the next two days Just right and not too compact.

The best time to visit Dunhuang has been told by the editor. Friends who are going to visit can refer to this time. The peak season of Dunhuang is from May to October, and the off-season is from November to April of the next year. If you go to Dunhuang in the off-season, the tickets will be reduced.