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Why is Jiuzhaigou called a fairyland on earth? A survey of Jiuzhaigou's special scenery

Jiuzhaigou is a good place to take parents. The altitude of Jiuzhaigou is much lower than that of Daocheng. There are many white haired old people who don't need to climb the mountain. There are many scattered scenic spots in this scenic spot. This place is not far from Chengdu. Basically, two or three-day tours can be completed. If you go to Daocheng, it will take five or six days for Zhao to have a good time, and all the time will be spent on taking a car. The old people are likely to have a car with high inversion and so on. It's less painful to take a car less. So, what are the characteristics of Jiuzhaigou? What are the precautions for Jiuzhaigou tourism?

Jiuzhaigou is located in Jiuzhaigou County, Aba Prefecture, where there are many snow peaks, dense trees, colorful pools and shoals, crystal clear streams running between forests and shoals, plus Tibetan wooden buildings, prayer flags and unique traditional customs of the Tibetan and Qiang ethnic groups, it is called 'beautiful fairy tale world'.

Jiuzhaigou is really beautiful, but to experience its beauty, you can't walk like a horse watching fancy scenic spot, step on a scenic spot, or follow the scenic spot bus one stop at a time, because you will often miss a lot of beautiful scenery, the best part of the journey is to walk on the trail instead of the bus path.

Because the terrain of Jiuzhaigou scenic spot is inverted Y, you can take a sightseeing bus to the top of the primeval forest on the first day (if you are weak, you will have plateau reaction, please walk slowly and don't rush). Then you can play from the top down and walk all the way to the entrance of the second scenic spot on the second day to play the rest of the Y-shaped road

I would like to recommend some places that I think are more suitable for hiking. The scenery of fangcaohai, wuhuahai and wuhuahai waterfall are all good. Xiaobian also likes the sea of mirrors, which is especially quiet and can reflect the sky and mountains. In addition, colorful pool and norilang waterfall are also necessary. There are also many people recommend hiking in Jianzhu sea, but I think the scenery is not so good. If physical strength is not good, remember to find a place to get on the bus and go out early on the way out of the scenic spot. It's very important to take the road from norilang waterfall to the exit of the scenic spot. It's easy to get on the bus, and you can also tell where you are.

Jiuzhaigou is divided into three gullies: rizegou, zezawa and Shuzheng gullies. The distribution is' y '. NuoRiLang central station is the center of three intersections. Rizegou takes a car to the bottom of the arrow bamboo sea, and goes down along the road. On the way, it will pass the panda sea, the panda sea waterfall and the five flower sea.

① The panda sea has a large area and green water surface. You can take a large area of reflection of mountains, waters and blue sky on the viewing platform. The scenery is very broad, but it takes a long way to walk down from the arrow bamboo sea

② Panda sea waterfall, a small waterfall, just look along the way

③ A sea of five flowers. It's a very beautiful sea!!! When you look at it from a distance, you can see that the sea water is blue and purple gradually, but it's blue when you get close to it! If it's autumn, the red and yellow leaves should be very beautiful.

④ Pearl Beach and Pearl Beach waterfall. Pearl Beach is named Pearl Beach waterfall because of its sparkling water like pearl. From all aspects of the viewing platform, we can see that the feeling is different, which is relatively magnificent.

⑤ Colorful pool, from Changhai all the way to colorful pool, the scenery along the way is good! The sea is blue to the beautiful room! Different colors change with the depth! My mother! It's really beautiful! OMG!

matters needing attention:

1. The scenic spot belongs to plateau climate, and the temperature difference between morning and evening is very large. You should remember to carry warm clothes whenever you want. The sun and ultraviolet are very strong here. You need to pay attention to sun protection.

2. The altitude of the scenic spot is high, and some tourists may have plateau reaction. There are many oxygen inhalation points in the scenic spot, and the general high reaction symptoms can be recovered after oxygen inhalation. Oxygen is free, but oxygen tools need to be purchased.