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Is Wuhan peach blossom in bloom? What are the places for enjoying peach blossom in Wuhan?

Among the "top ten classic routes of Wuhan flower appreciation Tour" recently released by Wuhan Municipal Bureau of culture and tourism, "one day tour of peach blossom appreciation" is released as a classic route. People can not only go to the East and West Lake, Caidian and other places to enjoy the peach blossom, but also 'hide' many good places in the city center, such as the peach blossom island on baimazhou head of the green road of East Lake, the peach blossom forest of Huazhong Agricultural University, Liberation Park, Peace Park, Moon Lake Park, etc. So, what are the places to enjoy peach blossom in Wuhan?

At present, there are all kinds of peach flowers planted in Wuhan, including ornamental, edible and both. Wang Chang takes peach flowers in the botanical garden as an example. There are more than 100 peach varieties collected and preserved in the garden, including 'chrysanthemum peach' with petals like chrysanthemum, and 'red and white peach' with one tree in red and white. The twigs are arched and drooping, and the crown is like 'drooping branches' with umbrella cover. The flowers are large and dense, and the flowers are like' all over the sky 'with rosy clouds. The' spring welcome 'with both ornamental and edible functions, and the' golden dew 'with edible late flat peach 'etc.

Affected by the weather, spring flowers are in full bloom

On March 3, Nie Chaoren, an engineer and cherry blossom research expert at Wuhan academy of landscape Sciences, said that due to the weather, the flowers in Wuhan will be fully opened in the spring this year, so that the citizens can feel the bustling scene of "flowers everywhere in Wuhan are not singing, but they are blooming".

At present, many kinds of flowers are blooming in various scenic spots and parks in Wuhan at the same time. Taking Wuhan Botanical Garden as an example, there are tulips, hyacinths, Narcissus, camellia, Magnolia, Bauhinia, jasmine, jasmine, peach, pear, Begonia, cherry, rape and so on, which are in the flowering period at the same time, forming a scene of competing for beauty and full of spring. In April, peony, peony, Rhododendron and rose will also enter the flowering period.

Before and after the Qingming Festival holiday, when the spring flowers in Wuhan are the most complete and gorgeous, Nie Chaoren said that because of the continuous low temperature and lack of sunshine, the spring flowers to be opened at the end of February and the beginning of March, such as cherry blossom and Magnolia, are delayed because of the lack of temperature and light. In the middle of March, when the weather turned warm, the varieties of early flowers and middle flowers opened at the same time overnight, and there was a sea of flowers everywhere. In the last ten days of March, the weather also continued to be sunny, rainy and rainy, with strong light and proper temperature. As a result, spring flowers were more colorful and more flowered when they opened, so the flowering period was bright and concentrated.

Wuhan is suitable for peach blossom

1. Wuhan Botanical Garden

Highlight: nearly 3000 peach flowers are distributed in the whole garden, mainly in peach garden and wild orchard area. At present, more than 2000 peach flowers have bloomed, and late peach varieties are in bud. The flowering period lasts until April 10.

2. Huazhong Agricultural University

Highlights: there are many varieties of peach trees planted in the peach blossom forest, such as nectarine, flat peach, and many plum trees, which means "all over the world". The total area of Taohua island and its surrounding bases is more than 200 mu. There are also pear trees, orange trees, loquat trees, chestnut trees, apple trees, persimmon trees, poplar trees, etc. which are very beautiful.

3. Taohua Island, baimazhoutou, greenway, East Lake

Highlight: peach trees are planted along both sides of the road. Donghu International Public Art Park displays a number of groups of art sculptures, interspersed with peach trees, full of artistic style.

4. Jiuzhen mountain scenic spot in Caidian

Highlight: more than 10000 peach flowers are planted, which are in full bloom at present. The 4th Peach Blossom Festival will be held on March 30 in Jiuzhen Taoyuan, Jiuzhen mountain scenic spot. It will last for one month and hold various fashion shows, dance performances and other activities.

5. Dongxihu Xingou, Zoumaling, Wujiashan, Hebao lake, Chenjiachong peach blossom base, etc

Highlight: there are tens of thousands of acres of peach blossom. When peach blossom is in full bloom, it looks like a red cloud. The sweet fragrance of the flower is enough to make people intoxicated. At present, the peach blossom of early peach varieties has withered, and the mid late peach varieties are still in full bloom.