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Do you need a visa to Saipan? Necessary knowledge for traveling to Saipan

The scenery of Saipan Island is very attractive. The sea water is clear and the tropical scenery is beautiful. There are many kinds of water entertainment projects. If you want to see the scenery of Saipan, you can take the Qingming Festival to play. Someone may ask if you need a visa to go to Saipan Island. What do you need to prepare to go to Saipan Island?

Do I need a visa to Saipan

Saipan Island is only visa free for citizens of China and Russia, so there is no need to apply for visa, but some other things are needed. Saipan Island is suitable for traveling all the year round, of which may July is the best. The original scenery here is well preserved. Many beaches and cliffs on the East Bank constitute many natural viewing platforms overlooking the islands and seascape. Pure island is more suitable for you to want Relax and enjoy the quiet holiday.

What do I need to prepare to go to Saipan

Although Saipan is not required to sign for China, it is required to bring a valid Chinese citizen's passport and hold a fixed return ticket when entering the country, and the date must be within 45 days after entering the country. The hotel order and three forms (I-94 exit / entry form, i-736 visa free form and customs declaration form) are required to fill in three forms when entering Saipan. Generally, the flight attendants on the flights to Saipan will issue them to you. The form has Chinese version, and the content should be filled in English.

Now it's just right to travel to Saipan, and because it's visa free, you can take a walk away trip, as long as you handle your passport and book your ticket, you can start, because it's the peak season of tourism, and you need to book your hotel accommodation.