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What are some interesting places in Foshan? Recommended places for fun in Foshan

What are the interesting places in Foshan? I think all the friends who are going to visit Foshan want to know. Many people know that Shunde in Foshan is a place where countless people yearn for food. There are too many delicious food here, but it can't stop us from looking at the scenic spot. Today, I'll tell you what's the interesting place in Foshan?

What are the interesting places in Foshan

Foshan Temple

Foshan ancestral temple is in the center of the city, surrounded by busy commercial streets. It is one of the scenic spots that must be visited when you come to Foshan. Huang Feihong and ye Wenguan are here. You can also see martial arts and lion dance performances. It was built in the Yuanfeng period of the Northern Song Dynasty, and then gradually became a temple building with complete system and strong local characteristics. It is a postcard of Foshan.

Address: No.21, zumiao Road, Chancheng District, Foshan City

Changlu Tourism Park

Changlu tourism resort is a little like the "mini" version of Chimelong. It is a theme park integrating eating, drinking, playing, fun and shopping. It has a "scream Park" that stimulates and amuses people. It can also watch animals and enjoy acrobatic performances of small animals in the fairy tale animal world. It is a place for leisure and entertainment, tourism and vacation, business meetings, team development and group tourism.

Address: No.8 Jianshe East Road, Lunjiao Sanzhou, Shunde District, Foshan City

Water Village

It is a unique water town in Lingnan. Even compared with the famous Jiangnan Water Town, it has the name of "Zhouzhuang in Guangdong". Shuixiang is located in the north end of Xingtan town, with excellent hydrological resources. The water around the village is more than 10 kilometers, and tourists can go boating. Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the air is fresh and pleasant, which complements the pattern of Lingnan ancient village. The ancient houses and trees on both sides are crisscross, and the stone streets are crisscross. Usually, only the villagers pass by in twos and threes, just like a paradise.

Address: Fengjian village, Xingtan, Shunde District, Foshan City

Xiqiao mountain

It's one of the famous mountains in Guangdong Province. The altitude is not too high. It's about 300 meters. You can climb here for weekend leisure. The most famous scenic spot in the mountain is South China Sea Guanyin and Baofeng temple. You can look at the 61.9-meter-high South China Sea Guanyin statue. In addition, the round square square square bamboo in the four-way bamboo garden of Xiqiao Mountain is also worth seeing.

Address: Shannan Road, Huanshan Avenue, Xiqiao Town, Nanhai District, Foshan City

Liang Yuan

Liangyuan is one of the four famous gardens in Guangdong Province. The small bridges, pavilions and rockeries in Liangyuan are decorated with exquisite and elegant styles. The calligraphers of all ages in the garden have many famous stickers. At present, Liangyuan is under renovation. It will be open only in the Spring Festival of 19 years. You can visit the Qinghui garden in Shunde.

Address: No.93 Xianfeng ancient road, SONGFENG Road, Chancheng District, Foshan City

Apart from a lot of delicious food in Foshan, some scenic spots are definitely worth visiting. What's the fun place in Foshan? These recommended scenic spots are all worth visiting. Do you want to see the cultural landscape while eating.