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What are the places of cherry blossom in Shanghai? Recommended places to enjoy cherry blossom for fr

What a beautiful flower cherry blossom is, so fresh and romantic, so unrestrained and unrestrained. Every year, the cherry blossom is in full bloom, which is a great opportunity for the general public to enjoy the good time in spring, to take beautiful scenery and appreciate the flowers together with family and friends. So, where can I see cherry blossom in Shanghai? Are these places free?

In addition to the cherry blossom in Gucun Park, where Cherry Blossom Festival is held, there are also places in Shanghai where Cherry Blossom can be seen.

Hongkou Lu Xun

There are 15 varieties and more than 600 cherry trees in Lu Xun Park, mainly the high ornamental value of ranjingjiye cherry. At present, cherry blossom forest at the exit of Lu Xun Park Metro Line 8 is about to take shape.

Ticket price: Free

Address: no.2288, North Sichuan Road

Transportation: Hongkou Football Field Station of line 18, 21, 139, 854, 991, Metro Line 3 and 8

Pudong Century Park

Cherry island is located in the peninsula area in the center of the park. More than 1000 cherry trees are planted along the path in the center of the peninsula. The water shadow is whirling. 90% of the cherry varieties planted are early cherry varieties with flowers before leaves.

Fare: 10 yuan

Address: No. 1001, Jinxiu Road, Pudong New Area


There are Metro Line 2 (Century Park Station), 640 Road, 794 Road, Dongzhou line, tunnel line 3, Shenchong line 2 and Shenchong line 4 around gate 1.

There are 640 Road, 794 road and East perimeter around gate 2. Around gate 5: Metro Line 7 (Huamu Road Station). Around gate 7: Metro Line 2, Fangchuan line, Huamu Road 1, 936.

Pudong Huaxia Park

At present, there are more than 700 cherry trees in the park. The varieties include Japanese early cherry, Japanese late cherry, winter cherry, cold cherry, green cherry, chrysanthemum cherry, Fujian mountain cherry, big leaf laurel cherry, drooping branch cherry & hellip; & hellip;

Ticket price: Free

Address: No.285, Huaxia East Road

Transportation: xuchuan line, Nanchuan line, Zhangchuan line, tangchuan line, Shenchuan line, Xinchuan line, 977

GongQing Forest Park

In addition to the large-scale Cherry Blossom forest, Gongqing Forest Park also has a cherry blossom path of nearly 300 meters. The cherry blossom of Gongqing is different from the noise of other places, but scattered in the whole forest, with a thousand Mu forest landscape as the background, paying attention to the comprehensive collocation of points, lines and surfaces.

Fare: 15 yuan

Address: No.2000, Jungong Road

Transportation: 147, 124, 102

Yangpu Park

Cherry forest is located in the south of the park amusement park, covering an area of 3200m2, with a total of more than 400 plants, mainly planted with late cherry, so the early cherry in other places has withered after the Qingming Festival every year, and the cherry here is just at that time.

Ticket price: Free

Address: No. 399, Shuangyang Road

Transportation: 6, 220, 870, Daqiao fourth line, 169, 137

Minhang Sports Park

On the east side of the park, there is a 'kilometer flower path' scenic area, which is dominated by early spring flower plants. Among them, there are about 2000 Japanese early cherry trees. The undulating terrain of the kilometer flower path also enhances the visual effect of early cherry, forming a magnificent landscape of 'thousands of trees and trees open together'.

Ticket price: Free

Address: No. 456, Xinzhen Road

Transportation: Metro Line 1 to 763, 173, 753, Qibao 1

Gulf National Forest Park

The forest Cherry Valley stretches along the river around the forest in the Cultural Expo Park. The cherry planting area in the park is 300 mu, nearly 10000 plants. The main varieties are Jiye and Hejin.

Ticket price: 80

Address: 1677 suitanghe Road, Haiwan Town, Fengxian District