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What are the suitable places for outing around Qingming Shanghai? Five best places for outing

Qingming can be said to be a good day for tourism and outing. Of course, the so-called outing is not in the noisy city, but in the nature, or in the surrounding villages. So, which places is Shanghai suitable for Qingming Festival? Qingming Festival is the first choice of ancient town around Shanghai. Let's take advantage of the tourism strategy around Shanghai!


Small bridges and flowing water seem to be the standard configuration of ancient towns in the south of the Yangtze River. Wuzhen is no exception. Because water pavilions are all over the town, it is called "the last water pillow family in China". Water pillow family means people living by the water.

Compared with other ancient towns in the south of the Yangtze River, Wuzhen has more abundant tourism resources. In addition to the morning of dongzha and the night scene of xizha, you can see the demonstration of the whole process of the traditional printing and dyeing process in hongyuantai dyeing house; the nostalgic old post office was opened in Guangxu's reign and has been open to today; in longxingtian, you can see the boundless purple flower sea & hellip; & hellip; which is different from Wuzhen The characteristics of his Jiangnan Town.


Among the numerous ancient towns in the south of the Yangtze River, Nanxun is a very distinctive one. Different from the traditional old house corridor and stone bridge deep lane in Jiangnan, Nanxun is famous for its gardens, and most of them have Chinese and Western architectural styles.

There are not many scenic spots in Nanxun. The former residence of the rich businessmen in ancient times is the most important tourism resource of this ancient town. The fine atmosphere of Zhang Shiming's former residence, the magnificent atmosphere of Liu's ladder, and the simple and honest nature of Zhang Jingjiang's former residence are all highlights of Nanxun's travel.


Zhouzhuang is the earliest and most famous water town in China, with the reputation of "the best water town in the world". The double bridges painted by painter Chen Yifei make Zhouzhuang famous in the world. The "small bridges, flowing water and people" are perfectly combined here.

The influence of Shen Wansan, a rich businessman, on this ancient town is everywhere. His former residence is now the most popular scenic spot in Zhouzhuang, and the famous "wansanti" has become the most attractive food experience in Zhouzhuang.


There are "three more" in humanness Xitang, and "more bridges, more lanes, more corridors and sheds". The beauty of Xitang can not be separated from the three. There are many rivers and rivers, so there are many stone bridges. Bridges are not only bridges themselves. Behind each bridge there is a history and unknown story. In addition to the bridge, the alley in Xitang must be mentioned. "Accompany lane", "Water Lane" and the small alleys connecting the street, large and small, and the wide and narrow alleys add up to 122. In addition, Xitang has a river corridor shed called "Yanyu corridor", which is regarded as a unique scenic spot in the ancient town. The corridor covered with black tiles is both a scenery and a story. Walking in Xitang ancient town, walking through bridges and alleys to visit the long corridor, the simple and simple folk customs, aura and ancient atmosphere flow out slowly through these high or low stone arch bridges, long or short small lane halls and the long corridor shed that can't be seen at the end.