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Where is Zhangjiajie bungee jumping? What are the tips for bungee jumping?

Zhangjiajie is a city built on tourism. There are two famous 5A scenic spots, Wulingyuan and Tianmen Mountain, as well as many 4A scenic spots. There is a saying that "Jiuzhaigou looks at the water and Zhangjiajie looks at the mountains". Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon Scenic Area has made glass balls in the past few years, which is really frightening. Think this is not enough exciting friends to ask Zhangjiajie can bungee jumping? Where is Zhangjiajie bungee jumping? What are the tips for bungee jumping?

Notes on bungee jumping

1. Choose a good day, not only sunny, but also windless. If the wind is strong, many places with a weight of more than 70kg will not be allowed to jump;

2. I don't know why the staff asked me to hold my head with both hands during the falling. I let go of my hands and tried it on my way to fall. I really felt more secure holding my head;

3. The leg is still slightly hot, and the safety belt is tied to the waist, crotch and ankle, so don't pull it;

4. Want a view? Keep your eyes open! Of course, close your eyes in the brain also has the scenery, really will recall your life.

5. You can take a go pro with you if you have conditions. The general bungee jumping officials will take videos + photos for you if you have no conditions. Of course, they charge for it;

6. Don't stand on the platform for too long, the more ink you dare not jump, the final result is to be pushed (kicked) down by the staff; (see another answer that all are pushed down, this is not enough. My friend and I jumped by ourselves that time. Other tourists also jumped by themselves. Those who were too inky were pushed. Some men were even kicked down.)

7. Don't wear loose clothes in summer, especially for ladies, or you will be the scenery in the eyes of the audience;

8. Don't eat too much or drink too much before dancing;

9. Insurance is included in the ticket when I go dancing. In some places, I need to sign a consent form, which is probably the exemption clause and so on. In a word, I'd better weigh it by myself. After all, it's a more dangerous entertainment project;

10. If you are going with a small partner, remember to find a brave one. According to my observation, as long as one of the colleagues counsels, the other will also be very likely to follow.

Can I bungee jump in Zhangjiajie

At present, the bungee jumping on the glass bridge of Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon has not been opened, so we can't bungee jumping on the glass ball of Zhangjiajie Grand Canyon. It is said to open in 2019