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What are the most beautiful beaches in China? Inventory of the four most beautiful beaches in China

The beach has always been the best place for people to visit, especially in the hot summer. So what are the four most beautiful beaches in China? How many have you been to?

Sanya Yalong Bay

Yalong Bay, located in Sanya, is definitely one of the most beautiful beaches in China. It is not only blue and clear in sea water, but also fine in sand. It attracts a large number of people every year. The annual average sea water temperature here is 22-25.1 & deg; C, and it can swim all year round. Various luxury villas and resorts gather in Yalong Bay, and many international famous hotels are available for selection, such as Marriott, Hilton, Sheraton, Ritz Carlton, etc. because the coast is the real charm of these hotels, the water quality of Yalong Bay has been the best protection from maintenance to use, and the ecological environment is excellent.

Silver Beach

Beihai silver beach is known as the first beach in the world, and there is also a large stone block engraved with the words "the first beach in the world". The sand here is very delicate, and walking on the beach hardly leaves footprints. Because it is the first-class quartz sand, the whole beach will be silvery under the sunshine, which is very beautiful. This beach is also known as' Silver Beach '. Interestingly, there are many small sand crabs on the beach. They can drill holes and roll sand balls. They are very cute. The beach is gentle, the sea water ebbs fast, the tide rises slowly, here is also the especial ideal beach and the sea sports place.

Mount Putuo Qianbu sand

Qianbu sand is the largest sand beach in this area of Putuo Mountain. The sand here is soft and delicate. At dusk, the scenery is more charming. The main thing is free. There is a boulder at the north end of the sand beach. When the tide falls, the stone appears on the water, with the word "listen to the tide" engraved on it. There are stone steps up here leading to the sea watching Pavilion, which is a boundless sea with a very wide view. In addition, in qianbusa, you can also have a long view of Mount wolveroga on the sea. If you want to see the sunrise on the sea, it is recommended to stay in a hotel near qianbusa, check the sunrise time, walk to the beach early and wait for the sunrise on the sea. Chaoyang cave at the junction of baibusa and qianbusa is the best place to see the sunrise on Putuo Mountain.

Changli Gold Coast

The gold coast is free. You can simply look at the sea scenery here, or you can choose to go swimming or play other games. At the same time, it is also an ideal place for sea bath, sunshine bath, sand bath, forest bath and air bath. The most attractive sport of the gold coast is sand sliding. You can take the cableway cable car to the sand top first. Along the way, you can see a continuous sand mountain with unique scenery. Sitting on the sand sliding board made of bamboo and wood, you can roar down from the sand mountain with tens of meters high, and the speed is also faster and faster. After you rush to the flat ground, you will continue to slide tens of meters forward because of the inertia. It feels fresh Exciting and safe.

The four most beautiful beaches in China are introduced here, but when you go to the beach, you must pay attention to protect the surrounding environment of the beach, or you will lose a beautiful pure land.